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Carina Lau sex health recipes

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Hong Kong for three consecutive years was named the “Ten Outstanding dressed persons” Carina Lau, clothing is not only elegant, well dressed, and eating is also a set of calisthenics. Carina Lau In recent years, although a high fee, films about constantly, we can imagine one of hard toil, but the Iraqis are not emaciated, but bodybuilding is more than ever, more sexy. In that case, Carina Lau Is there is any “secret”?
Recently, Carina Lau to the entertainment business to open her beauty of body-building formula. In fact, very simple, regardless of the work of many tired, three meals a day are prepared in accordance with the “bodybuilding diet” food, and with the right amount of exercise and stick to it, very good.

Usually, more easy Carina Lau 苴钬滈洧breakfast, only eat fruit or drink, and no matter what time to get up, she will insist that eat will not see anything when hungry, what to eat. Vegetables are eaten lunch, but must be are Chinese, only vegetable oil. Carina Lau is also sometimes mixed enjoy and eat more saladhealth-natural.
Carina Lau said not to eat each meal over-fed, eight is the best and good health. At the same time, four hours at rest and not eat before. People food because the digestive process required 4 hours.

Orange 2 a cup of tea can prevent computer radiation

Monday, March 16th, 2009

And the computer for “Get along with day and night” people, radiation is a people worried about the “by-product.”

Tu even every day, eating many anti-oxidants, combined with radiation on the display cover, or a lot of people feel at ease. However, British scientists found that drinking two cups of green tea every day, eat an Orange, you can help people resist the commonly used computer computer radiation.

With the substantial computer into the office, people have to attach importance to the computer on the office environment pollution and health effects on users. Computer radiation can prevent the body’s synthesis of an enzyme, this enzyme will destroy brain cells transmit information between the media material.

Commonly used computer apart from the people will inevitably come into contact with electromagnetic radiation, the computer screen of the frequent flashing of the eyes also have a strong stimulating effect, it appears to tears, vision loss, dizziness and other symptoms of brain up.

Previous scientific survey found that people have the habit of drinking tea by the radiation damage lighter, lower incidence of blood diseases, from radiation caused by a lower mortality rate. Tea contains substances radiation on the hematopoietic function of the human body has significant protective effects, can reduce computer radiation hazards.

In addition, the tea is rich in vitamin A, can also make eyes look at the dark light things more clearly, can do to prevent night blindness and eye disease.

The scientists also analyzed that contain antioxidants Orange elements, can enhance human immunity, inhibit tumor growth, antioxidant content of all ranked first in citrus fruits. At the same time Orange contains higher vitamin A and carotenoids, to protect those who frequently use computer skin.