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First love unforgettable

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Taiwan singer Rene liu, there is a song called “later”, it captured a lot of people’s heart. In this song, liu if English with her voice slowly revealed the sensibility about the story of the first love. What made the first love have so of magic?

Wonderful distance experience

When a person said goodbye to the innocent childhood, entered adolescence. Adolescence is the significant features of consciousness to the opposite sex germinating and produce mystical, yearning and love psychology. The time in one young men and women of the love between quietly, is pure, simple, in the midst of a “ying ying in water, in between the state shall not be language” empty, for them, the love or have the distance of the “far away customers”.

Mysterious distance for puberty for men and women, no doubt, is a recessive stop.

This time, if there is the dominant family and teachers, it would be easier to interfere in the draw against psychological. And this wonderful distance experience in later life but difficult to feel again. This is the first reason why unforgettable first love.

Meet “dreams”

Young men and women to adolescence, usually for his fictional a “dream lover”, create an abstract ideal object, will the mind to form a marriage “model”. This model may be very specific, sometimes is based on a true human model, is sometimes put several people were gathered together. And, in accordance with the “perfect will of the opposite sex in life model”, to seek, to explore in the crowd. Before you know it, finally one day, the passionate time arrival, from the vast crowd found a familiar face, you can’t help to wonder: “good familiar!” Before her (him) with his idea of the aesthetic ideal happened wonderful identical. First love is different from abstract sex transformation of consciousness as the beginning of the reality.

But first love is often goes sour memory, the person of, become a others will never be able to replace people, even into and others comparing one standard. And this man is not the original real person, but it is idolized by our of a standard.

“Contract can be caused by the effect”

Of course, the first love unforgettable and one important reason.

A psychology is called “the pact, nouns can effect”. Western psychologist, do the deed can many interesting test, found the average person to have finished, the existing results easily forget the things, and for interrupted, unfinished, not to reach target things but always remember. This phenomenon is called “pact, can effect”.

This kind of psychological phenomenon can give many. For example, you in my math exam to answer 100 questions, of which 99 questions are done well, is the rest of the that question trouble you, didn’t finish, did not get the answer. When the bell rang, and after their papers you walked out of the room, and the students on the answer, that 99 questions have right results, and the unfinished one problem, classmates tell you the answer. From then on, the unfinished one problem is you deep and long remembered, and that 99 questions but you altogether behind him the clouds.

The results did not get the first love is a kind of “fails to complete the” events. So not if really sex is our first love yearned for one of the important reasons.

Women show the feelings of the way

Friday, July 8th, 2011

From the psychological point of view, and the woman, heavy sentiment, thinking is also feels, and their senses more sensitive than men, especially for the sense of touch. So, a woman more accustomed to feeling of the sense of touch to replace the expression of the language.

Men in and his girlfriend dating, not only with the ear of what she said, but also use eyes to see her what to do. Only in this way, can more accurately insight into her heart in true intention.

Body state linguistics experts study found that everyone has a psychological “alert”, that is, the “power range feeling.” When a person to be self-centered, and around to expansion, form an egg-shaped mental defense and space, once the others invade, can cause he (she) nervous, alert and resistance. The stranger, psychological distance between each other more far, the gap between the body is bigger also. Conversely, the psychological defense and space distance will gradually narrowed.

For example, the normal between husband and wife, the relationship between parents and children is the most intimate, so they can reduce the mental distance between to zero, which produce close contact between the flesh.

So, if you of female the companion in walking, always like &linked your hand, or touch your body that she and your mind has greatly shorten the distance, she doesn’t care about you into her “forces range.”

Some men don’t understand this expression of the way to a woman, when his girlfriend body clings to him, then be elated, took her on their own have physical desire. The results I’m afraid he will be disappointed.

The woman touch the body of a man, not completely to physical contact, more is mental, psychological close move, she might just to express to you and close it. Good That’s all, never thinking wildly.

Women like to use body contact to express his kindness and other close, the man and the man go continuously continuously, made between selfless, they are seldom use action to say of the intimacy.

Close contact between the behavior of the body, in ancient Chinese called “XiaNi”. “More” word from the dog, explained this was just some animal behavior.

The child all like lying in the adult side act in pettish, this is animal attribute performance.

As the growth of the age, people gradually mature in rational, animal primitive habit gradually degradation, or to say it is hidden behind to rational. In this sense, women and little children are more than men of animal.

When a woman shy or not good at using language to express their feelings, she’s used to use body contact, the most primitive, also is the most straightforward way to communicate their feelings as the means.

God bites apple

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

A man from the blind, sensible, he therefore deeply troubles, recognized the god in punish him, felt no future. Friends and relatives are taking care to care for, but he is not willing to spend your life in mercy.

Then, a teacher said to him: “so everyone in the world is god bites of the apple, all is a defective. Some defects is bigger, because god especially love to his fragrance.”

He was encouraging, from now on the blind to his love as god, began to cheer up. After a few years, the local lips a DeYiShuangXin blind massage teacher story.

God knew about this matter, say with smile: “I like the beautiful and intelligent analogy. But I would like to make it clear: the so-called defects is refers to the physical. Those are moral defects are rotten apples, not I bite, is the moth.”

Happiness in plain in a good living

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

He is the most successful circle of friends of a 1 million, buying and selling, assets involved in the domestic cities a year, most of the time fly in the sky, don’t we, his wife would like to see him a difficult. That day he at leisure, please a us to play. In the suburban county area, he package under a villa, let us crazy do STH over and over again.

The wild atmosphere and pure and fresh intoxicated, everyone in high spirits, fishing, barbecue, playing CARDS, dance and play fun. He only, the phone one by one, sometimes is employee error become angry from embarrassment, sometimes for delayed payment, not to the mighty good words, sometimes they for the popularity of the relevant departments of the idea… Although it is a play out, can relax laughter from picturesque scenery before, he had turned a blind eye to a deaf ear. He is so touchy, on the grass back and forth, as trapped beast.

I think happiness is a boiling point, please. Everyone’s situation is different, some people need to 100 ℃ to completely release the scent, happiness and some people, perhaps as long as 30 ℃, can will be happy for the fragrant four fragrance. My friend life rich, smooth, but he means life of happiness and thus improve the boiling point. Day, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, and even the whole world tour, and not to be his happiness and boiling. And the cleaner, her days of livelihood, poor no higher request, but so reduce the boiling point of the happiness. For her to be but a bowl, happiness braise in soy sauce sparerib, or after supper walk hand in hand with your lover to enron.

Whether a man is happy, does not depend on how much money you, and more by the boiling point of your height decide. The so-called happiness, but the boiling point of the happiness is a little lower, and to reduce some.

You choice

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

A, there is a performance before his master play, disciple told him that his shoelace is loose. Thank master nodded, then squatted down to tie it carefully.

Wait until after turned disciple, and squat down down will XieSong shoelaces. A bystander to see it all, don’t understand ground to ask: “master, why did you and will XieSong shoes?” Master answer a way: “because I were playing a tired traveller, travelled to let his shoes, can get through this thing loosen details the strain of the performance his gaunt.” “Why didn’t you tell your disciples?” “Can he carefully found my shoes LACES, and eager to tell me, and I have to protect him the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm, timely to he encouraged, as for why will unlock, future will have shoes more opportunities to teach his performances, can say ah.” next time People one time can only do one thing, understand to grasp key, is the real talent.

Second, a crow sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day long. A small rabbit saw a crow, ask: “can I like you sit there all day, what also not stem?” The crow answered: “of course, why not?” Hence, the rabbit sat under the tree and began to have a rest. Suddenly, a fox appeared. The fox jump to the rabbit…… And to eat it.

The implied meaning of this story is…… If you want to sit there and what also not stem, you must sit (do) very high.

Three, three people going to prison for three years, the warden to give them three a person a requirement. Americans love smoking a cigar, 3 cases of cigars. French’s most romantic, to a beautiful woman always. And the jews, he want a communicates with the outside world phone. Three years later, the first rush out is American, mouth nose was crammed with cigar, Shouting: “give me the fire, fire!” Originally he forget to fire. Then came out of the French. See his hand holding a child, beautiful woman hand holding a child, belly with the third. The end is the jews, he held hands long prison said: “this three years I contact with the outside world, every day of my business not only no pause, only increased 200%, in order to thank, I send you one Rolls-Royce!”

This story tell us, what kind of choice of what kind of life. Life today is by three years ago we choose to, and today we will determine our choice of three years to the life. We want to select contact with the latest information, see the latest trend, thus can create their own future.

Watch your dream

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Palace this and LiuSheng is the Japanese modern famous swordsman, this is the master of the house LiuSheng. LiuSheng was apprenticed in, once asked keenly palace this: “teacher, you see with my condition, need how long you can become the best practice swordsman?” Palace this replied, “at least 10 years!” LiuSheng a listen to this more worried, ask again: “10 years of time is too long, if I can double, then how long it takes hard can become a first-class swordsman?” Palace this answer say: “that’s just 20 years!” Listen to the words of the master, LiuSheng face a suspicious, immediately after ask again: “if I reuse the time in the evening, on day and night, so how long can become hard first-class swordsman?” Palace this replied: “that you will only tired and die, cannot become the best swordsman.” LiuSheng think the master of the idea was too, asked palace contradiction this: “teacher, why the harder I practicing sword, to be a top of the longer time swordsman instead?” The answer is: the “to become a first-rate swordsman prerequisite is must always keep a, only their eyes, constantly checking. If your two eyes stared at the top of the swordsman, where there’s eyes yourself?” Listen to the words of the master, was is smart LiuSheng suddenly begin to understand, according to the requirements of the palace, and finally become a past history swordsman.

Want to become a first-rate swordsman, not only need to bear in mind that the target, but also need to keep fencing bitterness to see his one eye, constantly self-examination, always thinking, can keep improving, and constantly improve fencing. The palace’s words is to reveal our his, students will be for the people behind him, also can yet be regarded as a motto.

We look forward to reach the goal of more urgent than the mood was born, don’t say 10 years, is three, five years already is too long, if only overnight success. Our eyes stared at the dream, can’t target clear self, also can’t see everything around him, the result is lost themselves, or be outside a variety of temptation or dangerous, so that “capsized’t jie body first dead”. So, in work hard at the same time, we don’t forget to leave a eyes to see themselves, often introspection, weigh yourself of the existing ability, knowledge of his success by can lay the solid foundation, see oneself direction is in correct, think about the action plan is suitable for practical. Through the reflection, we can find deviation, calibration their goals and actions. So, your efforts will be get real return, and unapt fatigue and no gains.

In our journey towards the success of the difficult, might as well remember two first-class of dialogue and wonderful swordsman like them with an eye to see, so, can we will dreams into reality.