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solves dry benefit stomach

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Celery milk soup solves dry benefit stomach
The autumn is hot sultry, not a few people feel specially tired and can not eat any more and sleep not good, even fidgety uneasy, stuffy chest and disgusted etc..Hotness of tired unwell have something to do with body inside lacking potassium, all of celery, spinach, lighting spread heatand banana…etc. are the foods that contains potassium to enrich most .《Originally through meet at first 》also think celery ability”cleaned up stomach in wet muddy”, dispeled Fu hot, solution the Yong poison, pure liver sun and benefit head of group.Celery milk soup is fresh the joss-stick is simple elegance and tasty, the benefit stomach keeps a Yin to pour and is today Jing soup.

Material:The celery is 300 grams of, the butter is 50 milliliters of, milk 500 milliliters, 2 slices of gingers.OFweek LED forward-looking

Boil to make:The celery washes, can slice a segment and add clear water in the Huo 500 milliliters(about 2 amount of bowls) of and, the martial fire descends a celery after rolling the Fei and go to familiar just go to, descended butter just the right amount of a short moment,type elevator LEDafter under milk went to tiny Fei then can.Use for 3~4 people.

protect an eye of food

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The stocktaking is familiar to keep liver to protect an eye of food
Eyes are dry puckery, have no absolute being and flush, will influence the pleasant impression of eyes.The expert reminds that think beautiful eyes,Chinese medicine in addition to noticing protection sight, can commence still from the food.

Chinese medicine hospital Medicine director doctor’s Kingdom a kind of jade in Peking says that the Chinese medicine thinks “the liver is begun to understand to eyes”, the quality dependence of eyes hides blood at the liver.The liver function is normal, two eyes then contain absolute being.Want to think that the beautiful eyes flow to hope and much eat to protect eye food, like the vitamin AN and the carotene.Also need to notice to add anti-s, such as vitamin C and vitamin blanching inferior E…etc. to oxidize a nourishment vegetable in addition.

Vitamin A:The food that enriches most is liver and egg yolk.The plant food in the middle carotene can change into vitamin AN in the body, therefore is also a complementary good source.Rich food with the carotene’s hasing Chinese kale and green wheat vegetables, and Chinese cabbage…etc. of condy-loma accuminata, spinach and oil is various deeply green leaf’s vegetables and also have carrot, pumpkin, red heart sweet potato, mango, orange, foreign papaya etc. orange vegetable and fruit.

Vitamin C:Various fresh vegetable, orange fruit, general processhawthorn and fresh Zao, rhesus macaque peach, and strawberry…etc..

Vitamin E:Various fresh nut, bean, thick food etc.