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food to treat a gruel

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Prevent and cure a kidney disease to rather try a food to treat a gruel
Gruel, ancient times calls Mi, Tan, and Yi…etc., the ancients writes Yu.A year the four seasons, there is gruel in the meal, can not only adjust an appetite, promote appetite, but also can drink the humidity that the body loses.So think from thou, drinking the gruel can cure illness also can make the person promise longevity.Have jotted down concerning the gruel since Han Dynasty.Ming Dynasty Lee Jean of 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》the medium row contain 50 various gruels.

(A)the kidney burning food treat a gruel look for support

1, corn beard gruel

[Use to anticipate]:Corn beard the 30 grams and leaf is 30 grams of before the car, the spring onion white is a , the Geng rice is 100 grams.

[Method for making]:The leaf, who will clean, puts into an earthenware cooking pot after cutting to pieces, then puts into corn beard and spring onion before the car white, add just the right amount of water with the small fire and fry for 60 minutes;Skim, join a washed rice again, add some water cook gruel, leading 40-50 minutes can immediately pot.An everyday, the cent twice takes sooner or later and treats a distance for one on the seventh.

[Effect]:Benefit water decreases swelling, pours to leak muddy.

[Apply a disease]:Be applicable to a nasty chronic kidney Meng kidney to blaze, urethritis, bladder inflammation etc. patient. exposition view exhibition

2, the rice gruel of Huang Mao Geng

[Use to anticipate]:Taking yellow Mao is 60 grams of, the Geng rice is 50 grams of, and the brown sugar is few.

[Method for making]:First Huang Mao Jia water decoction 40 minutes, take medicine juice and Geng rice to cook a gruel together, join brown sugar Yang to eat after turning, every day 2 times, sooner or later 1 for each.

[Effect]:Have the function that repair the Pi benefit stomach. times oscillate

[Apply a disease]:Being applicable to the chronic kidney of appetite infirmity is burning.

oyster sauce secret

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

You don’t know of oyster sauce secret
The oyster sauce lives medium familiar and such as sauce vinegar in normal times and lets us has never hard once considereds it at us.You if cautiously observe, will discover currently the oyster sauce of sale explains in the product on the market in, only have composition, there is no composition content, can’t even be like Shi oil that sort mark clearly grade, why?

If walk into inside in the supermarket to cautiously see, will discover the species of oyster sauce to be like Shi oil and have a particularly the series of ,United States and, doing not  is only former”oyster sauce” two words can generalize.On being that the brand of oyster sauce is more and more, current hundred years grand old, be like records by Li Jin of oyster sauce house, there is also the talent person of younger generation that the recent years emits a head, like sea sky, even haven’t well-known small word generation.Two is the species of oyster sauce to start to be thin turning, current walk traditional route of old pack series to continue, there is also the wily taste to play a new technique, like exclusively get a noodles oyster sauce and mix a vegetables oyster sauce etc.;Three is the factory house with real strenght to turn oyster sauce product line, like sea sky records the foundation that the oyster sauce originally possessed advantage at Li Jin up, beat a local market by 4 product lords.Can say, and compared formely, oyster sauce already the species became a big species since the childhood.However, is wholesaling a market to see according to the reporter, with 230 grams packs for example, the wholesale price arrives to°from 3 dollars one more all much has bargain, but 240 grams of certain pack of can sell to 2310 dollars of costliness.If you cautiously see a bottle of the label on body, they all all will mark clearly, there is oyster juice in this oyster sauce, but why can the oyster sauce price differ so greatly?

Oyster sauce price thus not even problem, Guangzhou City seasons the Rui mountain of Luo from bureau chief in food graduate school to mean, mainly because different oyster contained in oyster sauce juice is different.

First understanding once the oyster sauce actually must imply what composition.According to the GB|the oyster sauce national standard of T21999-2008 stipulates, the oyster sauce is the juice liquid that makes use of oyster to steam, cook behind to carry on concentrated or directly use the oyster meat Mao solution, again join sugar, table salt and starch or change sex starch etc. raw materialBelgium to establish, assist with other go together with to anticipate the condiment that makes into with food additive.The definitely expressing among them oyster sauce has to get to imply oyster juice.

Luo’s bureau chief revealed, the production of oyster sauce mainly had two kinds of methods now, one is make use of oyster to steam, cook behind of the juice liquid carry on inspissation, two is directly broke off cook juice with the oyster meat, again join sugar, table salt, starch and change sex starch etc. the raw material make into, these two kinds of methods didn’t divide a superiority, the production comes out all is have oyster juice of oyster sauce.In Guangdong, one is an adoption to directly purchase oyster water to carry on oyster sauce production, like to the beautiful Zhai, it is directly to purchase Fukien one oyster water taking is a raw material;It is directly what adopt livings an oyster to broke off cook juice to also have one, like Li Jin records.But regardless which mode of productions all good, the oyster sauce inside must definitely imply oyster juice.However no matter you picked up which brand of oyster sauce to see, you will discover, its top didn’t express how much oyster juice content is.This is why?Luo’s bureau chief says, this because the national standard didn’t compulsorily stipulate that the factory house must definitely mark clearly oyster juice content now of how much.Of so will appear this kind of phenomenon, is because the technique in present stage can not examine an explicit weight that oyster juice has in the oyster sauce.

To answer this question we have to return first overdo see the main physics and chemistry index sign of oyster sauce.We of so will use an oyster sauce, think that it implies oyster juice, the flavor is enough fresh.But represent this fresh word of, is an amino acids Tai nitrogen.

But according to standard in the nation, the oyster sauce main physics and chemistry index sign amino acids Tai nitrogen content wants ≥ 0.3| to is 100 grams.Since there is this explicit index sign, why say an oyster sauce to still can not definitely examine a composition of oyster juice?Luo’s bureau chief means that that because the oyster sauce usually joins Shi oil to increase salty flavor, but equally imply amino acids Tai in Shi oil nitrogen!If computes according to this, so even if amino acids Tai nitrogen content of a bottle of oyster sauce inside attains every 100 grams of contain 0.9%, you can not also break to settle it is to come from oyster juice and still keep coming from Shi oil.Therefore standard in the nation in just didn’t compulsorily request the factory that the house has to get to list oyster juice content, therefore, oyster sauce can not also ratings.

So we how know the oyster sauce that wes purchase the inside necessarily implies one fixed amount of oyster juice?Luo’s bureau chief means that that can pick brand.The generally big brands will compare a quality control, therefore the oyster adopted in oyster sauce juice content will be also opposite and higher.Like to the beautiful Zhai, its 230 grams of packed an oyster sauce to be divided into commonness to pack to pack with Jing two styles of,Accept a beautiful the former of the amino acids Tai nitrogen content for every 100 grams of contain 0.3%, the latter is then every 100 grams of to contain 0.4%.But for those too cheap oyster sauces, like a dollar many bulky cargo oyster sauces as far as possible little buy, because only the packing expenses all want to consume a dollar, can oyster juice weight imagining an inside actually had how much.

Condiment and healthy

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Condiment and healthy of the taboo relate to
The condiment is a people’s thing of three meal indispensabilities on the first, the person calls “food is god to the people, eat to take flavor as first”.But when the person suffers from a some disease of, the condiment cans not freely ate without caution according to personal taste and otherwise relapsed to have a great achievement to the symptoms and the old disease, past should hate.

Wine lees:Cancer(the phlegm wet type),technical expertthe arthritis patient hates.

Hot pepper:Nasty chronic stomach inflammation, burning oesophagus, the stomach and 12 intestinal ulcers, stomach glues a film to take off to hang, nasty chronic dysentery, enteritis and diarrhea, typhoid disease and mouth cavity burning, tooth week burning, piles, wet anus and red eye disease, tracheitis, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, tuberculosis, spit blood, the pancreatitis, gout, arthritis and fat overflows sex skin burning, fever, the eye disease, various skin disease and cancer(hot prosperous) patient hate.

Garlic:Diarrhea, epilepsy, cancer(hot prosperous), eye disease, fever, a cough, asthma, skin disease, Chuang, Ding, Jie, swollen hate.

Diarrhea, epilepsy, cancer(hot prosperous), eye disease, fever, a cough, asthma, skin disease, Chuang, Ding, Jie, swollen hate.

Wild pepper:The diabetes,song art stanzas cancer(hot and damp type) patient hates.

Ground mustard:The patient of piles, eye disease hates.

Pepper:The fever, diabetes, gout and arthritis, piles and child moves disease, cancer(hot prosperous) and bronchus more asthma.

Star anise:The bronchus asthma, diabetes, gout and cancer(hot prosperous) hates.

Fennel:The bronchus asthma, diabetes and gout patient hates.

:The bronchus asthma, piles and eye disease, fever and cancer(hot and damp type) patient hates.

Cassia:The bronchus asthma, diabetes, fever and cancer(hot and damp type) patient hates.

Eat vinegar:The bronchus asthma hates.

Monosodium glutamate:The stomach and 12 intestinal ulcer patients hates.

Curry:The stomach and 12 intestinal ulcer patients hates. little bit bright

Too salty:While carelessly putting salt more while cooking soup, and then doing not easily fill with water can 1 washes of living potato or a piece of bean curd to put into soup, can make soup thin;Or will on using the big rice or the face powder cloth to wrap to put into soup, can also make soup thin.

Too sour:The vinegar puts many, can pound into pulp a loose flower egg to join soup, can availably reduce acerbity.

Too hot:While stir-frying vegetables add a hot pepper Be getting tooer many, can put to go into an egg to together stir-fry, the hot flavor can reduce.

Too bitter:Melon too bitterness, the drop goes into few white vinegar, can remove bitter taste or ease.

Get fed up with too much:The soup is too greasy and roast a little amount laver over a fire and once, the Sa goes into soup, can get fed up with removing.

Soy sauce is too many:If soy sauce put much and joined few milk in the vegetables, can make flavor beautiful.

fatty acids super marks

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Drink two cup milk tea anti- type fatty acids super marks
The joss-stick is sweet sweet, lubricate such as silk of milk tea unexpectedly do the greater halfs all have the anti- type fatty acids of high content?Report a reporter to understand lately and quickly, milk tea implies anti- type fatty acids, cream mostly become because of joining to pass plant oil hydrogen to turn while producing a creation, in the middle imply in great quantities anti- type fatty acids.
Two cup milk tea anti- type fatty acids super marks

Make milk tea to contain anti- type fatty acids bag milk tea in the supermarket more to also contain anti- type fatty acids now

This week, the protection committee(call “eliminate to protect Wei” as follows) of consumer rights in Shanghai City releases of 1 make a beverage sample examination result to raise concerns on the net now.According to know, in this time 19 milk tea that take out check, anti- type fatty acids content more than a gram of samples contain 3, more than 0.5 grams have 8.Reported a reporter to check lately and quickly Shanghai eliminates to protect a Wei official site, milk tea brand list have never discovered to disclose, henceforth search a local medium report way, temporary didn’t discover to have the milk tea brand to bring up an examination as well, therefore temporary didn’t know if involve in very well-known big cast in the region, happy lemon and 58 ℃ etc.s national catena milk tea store of Guangzhou.

The reporter learns of, World Health Organization once publicly suggested:In order to promote cardiovascular health, should as far as possible control the anti- type fatty acids in the meal, biggest take quantity more than 1% of total energy is not.Is also say, if press an adult to absorb energy every day on the average 2000 kilocalories to calculate, then absorbing anti- type fatty acids every day should not more than 2.2 grams.See thus, parts of milk tea only drink more than 2 cups for a day, the absorbing of anti- type fatty acids measures ability easily super mark.

Make milk tea to contain anti- type fatty acids more now

Up take out to check milk tea anti- type fatty acids high result to this time Hu, and south university food director Fu in the research center is bright to call it’s not surprising, and is always all existent circumstance, therefore need to cause the consumer’s attention.”As I see it, milk tea inside all basically is doing not add is real’milk’of, but the cream that adds to is similar to coffee companion, this kind of cream is to pass plant oil the hydrogen turn but get, while the plant oil hydrogen would produce in great quantities anti- type fatty acids while turning.”He also tells a reporter, the anti- type fatty acids is specially big to the cardiovascular bane of human body, the possibility of the meeting increment cardiovascular disease, cause sugar metabolism and fat metabolism abnormality.

The reporter goes and sees one virtuous road in Guangzhou to wholesale a market and also discovers on October 20, 2011, several files all are selling a cream product, not a few product packing up all mark clearly to used for making milk tea.A file lord even says to reporter, if don’t fill with cream creation milk tea, milk tea the root can’t include “the felling that the silk stockings sort lubricates”.So Guangzhou is on the market well-known brand milk tea store, whether just like the cream wholesale dealers words, “have to” use a cream creation milk tea?

Bag milk tea in the supermarket also contains anti- type fatty acids

Reported a reporter to go and see big cast, 58 ℃ and the well-known milk tea chain store of happy lemon etc. lately and quickly, but the employee of 58 ℃ and happy lemon puts forward to the reporter of whether use a cream problem, mean that the raw material is unified by the company and goes together with and sends, not that clear, the attitude declines to comment;But the employee of big cast milk tea store then moves away a bottle of milk powder in reporter’s in front, and when wear reporter’s noodles to ladle up a milk powder is from the bottle and put into a cup to make milk tea on the scene.As for another a call by milk tea beverage Zhao of the dining chain store fairy Zong wood, the company’s related representative director then definitely means to the reporter, the milk tea product of company absolutely didn’t use a cream and used milk to make with Bao tea and drinks now.

So these milk teas that don’t add a cream, whether anti- type fatty acids can the content consumedly lower?To this, the Fu is bright still hold reservation, he said and understood according to him, majority of milk tea even if is add a milk powder blunt adjust, also will join the hydrogen of one fixed amount to turn plant oil, because if don’t add, milk tea can’t have that kind of the special silk slipped to feel.The reporter also took this problem to consult several milk tea stores, but all didn’t get to definitely reply.However the reporter discovers after going and seeing each big supermarket in Guangzhou, hot sell on the market of brand milk teas, such as Lipton and Qiao nest…etc., goes together with to anticipate statement according to the over-wrap in of mark, all have hydrogen to turn plant oil composition, therefore also imply anti- type fatty acids.

fishes delicious

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The Chinese medicine tells you which fishes delicious again cure illness
Fish is a good health to care a food.The many people thinks that eat fish than eat meat more health.Expert points out that the fish is a vivid water thing, it implies abundant egg Lin fat, and the protein contained by it compares the protein quality of meat animal has to be a little bit high, therefore, is more opposite than to eat meat, eat fish more health.Moreover, all of fish whole bodies are treasures, each part has different cure Jian body effect.So, which fishes namely is delicacy tasty and have to cure illness effect?
All of fish whole bodies are treasures

We all know “eat where repair where”.Is also say, “eat an eye to repair an eye”.Is this parlance reasonable?The expert points out that the essence of fish is fish eyes.Eat fish eyes, develop to child eyes, the bright degree contains good function,wireless keyboards therefore this parlance contains certain truth.But eat a fish bubble, can smooth lung, dry cough and can also cure voice hoarse, the Yang wait effect.The fish egg implies very abundant protein and there is certain nourishment values.The civil many people likes to use the fish Dan bubble rice wine and also calls it as a tonic.This because, the fish Dan is very bitter, sex is cool, can smooth bowel.However need to be advertent is eat many easily have loose bowels, so generally don’t recommend to eat.

The cure health of the fish effect

Repair the brain effective fish

Big head fish:The big head fish repairs the brain effective fish.The common saying says that the fish head nourishment of big head fish is worth of abundant, it also the someone brain cell develop the egg Lin of demand fat and match a person the amino acids of brain absorption, it implies special protein, to intelligence growth of the child and it helpful.

Increase the blood, repair a liver kidney and cure a kid the fish of the Gan disease

Yellow Shan:In the fish animal, the yellow Shan increases the blood effect had better, go together with a Chinese herbal medicine for example Tu silk son etc. can restore virility sun and cure a kid Gan disease, htpc Keyboardsbed-wetting.Canning also cure noodles nerve to paralyze is generally cook soup or steams to cook effect obvious, more delicious.

Eel:Although the eel has no yellow Shan good increase the blood effect, but it is similar to the yellow Shan to go together with some Chinese herbal medicines can restore virility sun such as Tu silk son etc., cure a kid Gan disease, bed-wetting.The eel outward appearance glued dense secretion very much, therefore need to use the hot water of 60 Celsius degrees to be very hot to lead, once brushed 1 timing with the steel again then can glue a dense thing to clean, secondly the adoption steam of method, its nourishment is worth of higher.

The nourishment is worth of worse fish

Luo non- fish, silver carp fish:Luo the non- fish and silver carp fish is a nourishment to be worth of worse fish in fish.Price cheapness, the meat quality isn’t enough delicate slippery.

The man eats fish longevity, the woman eats fish hairdressing

The folks has a kind of parlance and thinks”the man eat fish longevity, the woman eats fish hairdressing.”The Japanese race multiply greatly the ability of posterity strong, the folks thinks is because the Japanese man likes to eat the cause that the fish livings.Introduces according to the expert, the fish egg white really grows developing of system and maintains a good function to the male, but the fresh delicate meat quality of fish very easily drive human body digest absorption, have to the female’s skin tight to, dispel a pox of effect.Therefore, no matter is female or male, should eat some fish foods in good time.

Fish how do nourishment to be worth of tallest?

Although the fish animal implies abundant nourishment value, if can not adopt a correct cooking method, won’t can get the good effect of adding the nourishment as well.Do fish soup should at quickly pot of time put salt again, lead to put salt quickly, the delicious etc. of the fish egg white, fish nourishment material is easily lived by the salt lock.

To think the fish repair adopt the way for steaming, as far as possible keep the juice original flavor of fish.If the heat fries, fish egg white etc.plate heat exchanger manufacturer the nourishment material be very easily damaged.Therefore, the way for steaming cooks fish to keep the juice original flavor of fish, its nourishment is worth of higher.

nourishment of egg

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

The nourishment of egg is where exactly?
The egg is yellow medium of the egg Lin fat, glycerin three fats, cholesterol and yolk vegetable.Have very big function to the nervous system and body growth.Egg Lin the fat can release a Dan alkali after being digested(digest food) by the human bodyElder brother be, the Dan alkali will arrive inside the brain through a blood.The intelligence decline that can avoid old people thus, and each memory of ameliorable age set.
All say that the egg has nourishment exactly where is the embodiment ?
A, prevent°from the good product of cancer in the food.
There is more vitamin B2 in the egg, the vitamin B2 can resolve and oxidize the carcinogen in the human body.The trace element in the egg also all has anti-cancer function such as the selenium, and zinc…etc..According to to the analysis that the mankind cancer death rate in the whole world carries on, people discover that the shooting of death rate and selenium amount of person of cancer becomes inverse ratio.
Containing amount of selenium in the residents blood is higher or eats the region of containing the amount of selenium more abundant food, the total cancer death rate wants to be lower than those residents to shoot the death rate in person’s selenium little place.
Two, is protect liver.
The protein in the egg contains repair function to the liver organization harm.Dimensionless blackThe egg Lin fat in the egg yolk can promote the rebirth of liver cell.Can also raise human body blood plasma the egg white measure and strengthen metabolism function and rabbit epidemic disease function of muscle body.
Three, is defer decrepitude.
The egg implies a human body almost all the required nourishment materials, past is called “ideal nourishment database” by people.The nutritionist calls it for”complete protein mode”, the one of experiences of promising longevity of not a few longevity old manses, is to necessarily eat an egg every day.Our the folks spread of many health medicine the food also all can not get away from an egg.
For example, the flowery knotweed cooks an egg, the egg cooks a pig brain, egg gruel etc..
Four, is a Jian brain to grow in wisdom.
The egg is yellow medium of the egg Lin fat,really happy glycerin three fats, cholesterol and yolk vegetable.Have very big function to the nervous system and body growth.Egg Lin the fat can release a Dan alkali after being digested(digest food) by the human body, the Dan alkali will arrive inside the brain through a blood.The intelligence decline that can avoid old people thus, and each memory of ameliorable age set.
Therefore, no matter is a teenager, still keep winning old age, keep good memory, as long as eat 12 eggs to go every day.
Five, is prevent and cure artery hardening.
The American nutritionist and medical science worker prevents and cures an artery gruel with the egg kind the hardening is made the astonishing effect of person’s unexpected happening, they withdraw an egg Lin fat from the egg, walnut and liver of pig, everyday to suffer from a cardiovascular patient to eat 4 one 6 spoons.
After three months,bands together the sufferer’s serum cholesterol declines to°from 1,000% milligram 180% milligram.This studies a result and gets the concern of medical science field in the world.All countries are one after another used for with this method clinical, all acquire satisfaction effect.

heart egg

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Tang heart egg how should eat just rest assured?
The thoroughly cooked egg can be overnight to eat, the half-baked doesn’t go, because the half-baked egg may stir up a germ very much while keeping and make appetite unwell.Don’t thinking that timing that the egg cooks being more long, finance mangaingeither is certainly more good, for a long time heats an egg will form vulcanized iron, this kind of material is very difficult drive human body absorption.

True facts

@The city report civil health V quickly:The egg didn’t cook, afraid of mainly is surname germ in the sand door of the egg still have been already remained, if overnight then eat, make the germ stired up very easily.However, cook the too familiar egg also has a problem, iron in which will become not absorb.Eat boiled egg, must control good degree of heating.

Say principle

The egg cooks in the boiling water for longer than 10 minutes, the protein structure will become more close, not easy digest Mao with protein within stomach liquid to connect to touch, so will be difficult digest.In the meantime, the protein in the egg implies a more egg ammonia sour, after long time after heating, it will resolve sulphide and respond with iron occurrence within egg yolk and form a human body don’t easily absorb of vulcanized iron, make the nourishment lost more.

Cook a not familiar egg to there is also disadvantageous place certainly, living the eggshell of egg up may exist surname germ in the sand door, time cooking is short, the germ kills to put out not clean, then can pollute egg while peeling pure, if overnight eat,have beautiful move the germ stirs up more, polluting will be also more serious.And, the not familiar egg still has the anti- Mao the egg white and the antibiosis thing plain egg white is these two kinds of harmful things, the former will influence digesting of protein absorption, the latter can combine with the living creature vegetable in the food and cause human body living creature the vegetable lack and produce spirit languid, the muscle aching etc. symptom.But the egg as soon as cook, above-mentioned two kinds of materials would be broken.

Remind again

Small boiled egg, inside hide knowledge-

1.Boiled egg should cool water at present pot, boiling behind calculate like 5 minutes, cook out like this of egg since can kill harmful to germ, and then a little bit completely keep nourishment vegetable.Notice before boiled egg, should carefully clean the outer shell of egg.

2.Boiled egg, water had better lead an egg, otherwise could not immerse the aqueous place protein not easy concretion.

3.If want to cook egg perfect,Manage finance equation can also before cooking put the egg into cold water to soak in a short while, can attain to lower like this barometric the function inside the egg, the eggshell then can’t break while boiling.

vegetables table

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The four greatest nourishments of stocktaking bean curd extremely go together with a vegetables table
The bean curd goes together with some meat, the protein absorbs so much
The soybean contains the good reputation of “plant meat”, it is the protein second to none food in the plant’s food.The bean curd made into with the soybean,school bus management certainly protein also can’t bad.However, content and comparison of the protein amino acids in the bean curd not are very reasonable, also not is specially suit the digest absorption of human body.

Therefore, if join the very high food of some protein qualities while eating bean curd, can and the bean curd contain the function of “the protein repairs with each other” and make the protein of bean curd betterly drive human body absorption and exploitation.But the food of these high quality egg whites, must belong to meat and egg.Therefore, the meat end cans make the protein of bean curd better to absorb to burn bean curd, preserved egg to mix bean curd etc..

The bean curd adds egg yolk, blood bean curd, the calcium repairs morely

Be like to eat an in the meantime wanting of the calcium slice to repair vitamin D, eat bean curd and repair calcium, will match some foods that the Wei Ds enrich.Because make use of process in the absorption of calcium in, the vitamin D contains count for much function.Although the bean curd contains calcium to enrich very much, the calcium in the north bean curd is ander the rise than commensurate milk,seamans have already while eating bean curd, match vitamin D the content enriches of the food then can increase effect more.

The egg yolk implies very abundant vitamin D, therefore the fresh beautiful slippery delicate egg yolk bean curd is the excellent food that repairs calcium.Animal internal organs, like liver, the vitamin D within blood content is also very high, so is very ideal white bean curd’s making into “red and white bean curd” with blood bean curd together.Moreover, the animal internal organses, such as chicken Zhen and liver of pig…etc. also has good function to the calcium absorption that increases bean curd.

The bean curd adds sea tangle laver, can repair iodine more

The bean curd not only can add nourishment, but also treat a function towards preventing artery hardening from having certain food.This because have in the bean curd a kind of call soap Mao of material, can prevent°from causing an oxidizing of artery hardening fat creation.But the soap Mao will bring a trouble:Cause the excretion of iodine inside the body, if over a long period of time eat may cause iodine’s lacking.So, add some sea tangle, and laver…etc. to contain the seafood article that the amount of iodine enriches to cook together while eating bean curd, profit both parties.

The bean curd puts green vegetables,Direction of enchant tree mushroom and defend a disease more

Bean curd although the nourishment is abundant,the meal fiber relatively lacks, eating bean curd alone may bring the trouble of constipation.But all imply an abundant meal fiber in green vegetables and tree mushroom, at the right moment can make up the weakness of bean curd.On top of that, tree mushroom and green vegetables imply many can raise immunity dint, prevent paroxysm anti- from oxidizing composition, match bean curd edible, the anti- gets sick of the function is better.Need to be advertent BE, the grass sour content is higher in the greenery vegetableses,person accompany such as spinach and Xian vegetables…etc., should first the Zhuo cook together with bean curd again all of a sudden, the in order to prevent influences the absorption of calcium in the bean curd.

quick temper

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

The autumn eats eggplant more to help you pure hot go to quick temper
The autumn eats eggplant more to help you pure hot go to quick temper?After signing an autumn, the weather is gradual aridity, plus the remaining prestige of”autumn tiger”, the many people will appear the symptom of last fire at this time.There is the parlance of “sign a summer to plant an eggplant, sign an autumn to eat an eggplant” in people Yan, the Chinese medicine thinks, the eggplant is cool, the flavor is sweet, there is pure heat stopping bleeding, decreasing swelling to relieve pain, dispel breeze functions, such as net and breadth bowel benefit spirit…etc.,let time to say so eats in this season some eggplants can decline “quick temper”, in addition to the autumn is dry.But the just- harvested eggplant is called “autumn Jia” in autumn and take to have special subtle fragrance, the taste is delicate, consequently the taste is stiller better than common eggplant.

The eggplant isn’t only the public’s vegetable of quality goods at reasonable price and still keep growing a food to treat good product.In addition to implying abundant vitamin and trace element, also have different from other vegetables at 1:00,production line be rich contain a great deal of vitamin P.The vitamin P is a flavonoid compound and have already helped to keep cardiovascular to keep normal function.Therefore, eggplant to arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary with bad blood patient is all very beneficial.In addition, foreign research the result express”anti-cancer strong hand” within an eggplant still a vegetable, it implies of Long Kui Jian’s composition can repress digestive system tumor to propagate and have certain effect to the prevention and cure stomach cancer.

We at on the market most familiar arrive of is long eggplant and circle eggplant, they exactly have what dissimilarity?Long eggplant and circle eggplant has no too big difference on the nourishment and just slightly has a dissimilarity in the taste.The humidity content in the long eggplant skin is abundant, the fiber is also thinner, so the quality is soft.But circle in the middle of the eggplant skin humidity less, the fiber is thicker, the taste is opposite and a little harder.So cook,play slippery waterway circle eggplant much with stir-fry and braise for lord, but long the eggplant take cold Jia as good.

The eggplant way of doing is a lot of and fry to boil deep-fried can cook delicacy, but need to choose health of eat a method.When many people did an eggplant, like to use to fry in oil or”lead oil” burned an eggplant, although delicious, the heat will result in the serious loss of the nourishment in the eggplant, it cared a function to also greatly give discount, and the absorbing of the hot quantity high grease is also disadvantageous to body.Therefore, the havings in the eggplant is eating a method, the cold Jia mire is the most healthy.

First, mix time of heating of Jia mire the shortest, needs wildfire to steam familiar then, therefore the nourishment loss is the minimal.Mixing Jia mire to use oil is the secondly minimal, after steaming good eggplant Dao to become mire, needs a little bit and pours some seasoning juice then.End, mix the eating of Jia mire method nourishment absorbs most completelyvertebra split, because it need not paring, but have a great deal of living creature live material in the eggplant skin.Seasoning juice that mixs Jia mire had better be used olive oil, sesame sauce, mashed garlic and few salt.Need to be advertent BE, the eggplant belongs to sex cool food, if the appetite is unwell recently, will be little to eat and otherwise aggravate the burden of appetite.

Healthy of rice

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The rice can allay one’s hunger, is a Chinese staple food, in fact rice in addition to the satisfied belly still has a lot of other effects.For example help digest and restore virility an etc..Following introduce six kinds of rice of different effect

1, most nourish of is Geng rice hegemony to being

The common big rice that uses to do rice everyday calls Geng rice or Jing rice again and presents translucent egg circular or oval, the rice rate is high, the grain of rice dilatability is small, but the sticky is big.Conduct and actions eats a rice everyday, the Geng rice implies the human body essential starch, protein, fat, vitamin B1, sour smoke, vitamin C and nourishment compositions, such as calcium and iron…etc., can provide the nourishment, calories that the human body needs.

Valley ten thousand inside introduction says and cooks a gruel to postpone a year by health with the Geng rice and has already had 2000 in the our country, the Geng rice gruel topmost 1 F gruel oil can repair a liquid to fill Jing and be of great benefit to Yin liquid and kidney Jing that nourishes a human body, the most suitable proper patient, pregnant woman and old man.scenery famous spotThe Geng rice has Jian appetite, repair medium spirit, keep Yin to promote the body fluid, in addition to vexed quench thirst, solid bowel Xie etc. function, can used for appetite weak, after the vexed thirst, malnutrition and disease physically weak etc. disease, but the diabetic should notice to much eat.

2, most help digestive of is Brown rice

The so-called Brown rice is the rice that will take hull to whet to clean thick bran outer shell but reserve an acrospire in the process in the Nian and inside skin of”shallow yellow rice”.The protein, fat and vitamin within Brown rice contents are all more than Jing white rice.

The thick fiber member of rice chaff layer contributes to a stomach and intestines peristalsis, the agree with stomach digest way diseases, such as disease, constipation and piles…etc. are effective.The Brown rice compares of the Jing white rice even have nourishment, can decline low cholesterol, the decrease has heart trouble and suffer a stroke of several rates.The Brown rice suitable and general crowd is edible, but because the Brown rice contains thicker taste, the quality is close and cook also more time-consuming, valley ten thousand in suggesting before cooking can wash its Tao behind soak to stay overnight with cold water, then connect to soak water to throw in pressure cooker together, cook half an hour above.

3, most restore virility of is black rice

The black rice nourishment is abundant and imply materials, such as protein, fat, B clan vitamin, calcium, Lin, iron and zinc…etc., the nourishment is worth of being higher than a common rice.It can obviously raise human body hemoglobin and the content of hemoglobin and be advantageous to the health care of cardiovascular system and be advantageous to growth of child’s skeleton and brain, and can promote a pregnant woman and disease after the recovering from illness of body is weak, Xiang ignorant Mrso it is a kind of ideal nourishment health care food.