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small secret done

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

The small secret done not know as for tomato you
Why is the tomato called “longevity fruit”?

Tomato, call again tomato, there are two nicknames in Europe, a call”love fruit”, devolution England once had already been located on the duke that South America traveled over and brought back toma to dedicate to his lover’s Elizabeth’s queen, queen very fancy, the count sent to the red tomato of queen at that time compare to now of the red rose was similar and consigned count’s love for queen, hence from now on the tomato contained the good reputation of “love fruit” ……

But the tomato is moreover a name and be called “longevity fruit”.Tomato of so can acquire the United States like this said, is have among them of truth of:

1, the tomato imply abundant carotene, vitamin B and C, especially the content of vitamin P take the lion’s share among vegetable.Vitamin C, sugar and Lu Class D raw material implied among them, have the anti- bad blood disease, smooth skin and protection blood vessel, decline to press, help digest etc. to do to use.

2, a time the lycopene imply to cardiovascular have a protection to do to use of vitamin and mineral quality chemical element, canning reduce a heart attack must go into action.

3, a time the lycopene have a special anti- to oxidize ability, ability clearance free radicals, protect cell, make take off the oxygen pit sugar nucleic acid and gene don’t need encounter breakage, Causeway Bay releasescan keep cancer from changing progress.In addition to having prevention to the prostate gland cancer to do to use, the tomato returns an ability to effectively reduce the outbreak danger of cancers, such as pancreas cancer, rectum cancer, larynx cancer, mouth cavity cancer and mammary glands cancer…etc..

4, the tomato imply vitamin C and have already promoted the body fluid to quench thirst and be good for the stomach to eliminate a food, the cool blood even liver, the pure heat counteracts poison and lowers the function and effect of blood pressure, to the patient of high blood pressure, kidney have especially quite good must lend support to a treatment to do to use.Eat tomato more to have anti- decrepitude to do to use, make the skin kept pure white.

5, the Ni gram in the tomato is sour to maintain a stomach liquid to secrete as usual, protecting into the red corpuscle must form and be advantageous to keeping afferent wall flexibility and protection skin.Edible tomato to prevent and cure the artery harden, high blood pressure and coronary are also helpful.The tomato is juicy, can wet by benefit, the kidney is burning the patient is also proper to eat.

Tomato with the oil sprinkles nourishment most

With edible living tomato to compare,two stores tomato after processing, can even raise to take turns in the blood the density of the lycopene etc. anti- oxidizing agent.This because the heat broke the cell wall of tomato cell and increased releasing of the foreign lycopene etc. anti- oxidizing agent thus.In addition, tomato at cook of in the process, often pull oil with the peanut oil, color etc. plant oil, but these greases will help tomato to wait foreign lycopene to lipid-soluble anti- oxidizing agent to release naturally and well develop anti- oxygenation.Certainly, the all things is necessarily beneficial to have a fraud, after heating, the vitamin C in the tomato will be subjected to loss, but tomato in of foreign lycopene and other anti- oxidizing agent content but obviously ascension.

Therefore the tomato stir-fries too long nourishment will run off, should avoid long-term heat heating while cooking to reserve more nourishment compositions.Cover strict pot cover while cooking, again slightly more some vinegars, can protect it avoids a quilt oxygen breakage.

There is a great deal of foreign lycopene in the tomato skin, guest recruit typetherefore, had better not leave skin while eating the food is not.

defend a disease

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The tea and drinks cooks to namely eat well and defend a disease
Color, joss-stick and flavor’s accompanying good rice is the dining table staple food of Chinese family, people are generally pleased to eat a new rice, because the rice joss-stick that it takes pure Chun.In fact, rice want to eat the subtle fragrance come into nostrils, and not necessarily need to use a new rice, drink tea water to cook and then can acquire a color, joss-stick and flavor to accompany good meal, most make the person call strange of BE, prosperoustea and drinks’ cooking still has been already got fed up with, Jie, turn food and prevention and cure paroxysm numerous advantages.

According to the nutritionist research, often eat the rice that the tea and drinks cooks, can prevent and cure four kinds of diseases.

Prevent and cure a cardiovascular disease.The tea polyphenol is the main material in tea-leaf and share water to immerse a 70-80% of thing around.Science experiment proves that the tea polyphenol can strengthen the tenacity of capillaries and keep capillaries wall from blowout but bleed.And, the tea polyphenol can lower blood cholesterol and repress the artery gruel kind hardening.The middle age and old people often take tea water big rice, can soften blood vessel and lower a blood fat and prevent and cure a cardiovascular disease.

The prevention suffers a stroke.One of the reason of the cerebral paralysis, is with human body inside born lead oxidize a fat, make the afferent wall lost flexibility thus relevant, but the tea aquatic tannin is sour and at the right moment have already suppressed to oxidize the fat born function,Hong Kong releasestherefore can availably prevent and cure stroke.

Have an anti-cancer anti-cancer function.The tea aquatic tea polyphenol can stop second nitric An in the human body of synthesize, attain the formation of prevention digestive system tumor thus.An and second nitrate are an extensively existent material in the food.They under the sistuation that sour 37 ℃ temperatures and the adequacies change, very easily born can cause cancer of second nitric An, but the tea and drinks cooks to availably prevent°from the formation of second nitric An and attains the purpose of defending the appetite etc. digest way cancer thus.

Prevent°from tooth disease.The fluoride that tea-leaf contains is the important material of indispensability in the tooth essence.Such as can constantly have a little amount fluorine immersion tooth organization, then can strengthen the fortitude and resilience and anti- sour ability of tooth, prevent°from the occurrence of Qu Chi.

The method that the tea and drinks cooks is very simple:Is 1-3 grams tea-leaf first, use 500-1000 grams of gauzes that boiled water soaks for 4-9 minutes and take a bit of cleanness, need to be used after skiming the tea and drinks percolation;(the overnight tea and drinks should not be used)Again rice Tao go into pot in, wash then clearly pour the tea and drinks into the rice potinquiry method make of Gao Chu Da Dun rice noodles 3 Li rices are or so, cooking can immediately eat.

food while drinking milk

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Want the reasonable to match food while drinking milk
Milk is it may be said a the most overall kind beverage of nourishment, but calculate it again how nourishment, lie in the time that the food matches also need to notice some taboos.
1.Juice autumn health

The many peoples all like to mix juice and milk to take to together drink, thinking can increase new taste and nourishment.But expert points out, if join juice of surfeit in milk, will cause human body hard and digest and absorb thus with a great deal of circumstance that the Lao egg white occurrence solidify, precipitates.If the serious words still probably cause circumstances, such as indigestion and diarrhea…etc., therefore don’t too many in milk of add juice etc. acidity beverage.

2.Sugar Autumn health soup

The time that drinks milk never additionally add sugar again, especially under the sistuation that milk heats if put into the words of sugar, will make milk in of depend on an ammonia sour respond with fructose, the fructose radicle of born poison depends on an ammonia sour, do harm to a human body.Wanting to sugar on the whole don’t carries on in the process of heating, either, you might as well wait until milk after cooking well a little aer bit cold, putting sugar just this time can’t influence human body health.

3.Chocolate defends an autumn

Milk of the chocolate flavor is all many peoples to like very much of, but you know this is match a way very falsely.If it there are abundant protein and calcium, but chocolate imply grass sour, if both match together edible in milk, will combine don’t dissolve sex grass sour calcium, biggest influence the absorption of calcium, even will appear hair withered, diarrhea, growth slowness etc. phenomenon.


Should not immediately eat an orange after finishing drinking milk, at least at an hour inside can not eat an orange right away.Because in the protein in milk once meeting with the tartaric acid in the orange, will take place concretion, influence the digest and absorption of milk thus,hotel title in addition to orange, is drinking for an hour of finishing milk inside should not immediately eat any acidity food.

Drink milk mainly for of woulding be and adding nourishment, but if the casually and any food matches edible of words, will bring human body injury.

peanut method of peanut

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Nourishment value and eating of peanut method of peanut
“The left Xuan meat alkali buys 1 send 1!”young university student-Promote fat burnable, mold beautiful curve!Reduce weight an expert west wood Doctor hot Jian!

Autumn fruit bumper harvest, have being of star qualities among them and most number peanut well known as peanut.The nourishment of peanut is worth of higher than food, can and egg, milk, and meat…etc. some animality foods mutually match in excellence.physically feel
The Chinese medicine thinks that the peanut is even, the flavor is sweet and goes into Pi and lung through.Can come to Pi and stomach, smooth lung to turn phlegm, nourish to adjust spirit, pure swallow to stop coughing.The lord cures malnutrition, dry cough little phlegm, spit blood, pregnant woman’s milk is little and move bowels dry knot etc. disease.

The best eat a method:The fresh peanut had better connect hull to cook to eat, the peanut after cooking not only easily digest absorptionMore and more green but also can well make use of peanut shell and inside the medical treatment of the layer red dress care a function.The peanut red dress can repress the deliquescence of fiber egg white and promote blood platelets new-born, can prevent°from blood platelets decrease and issue of blood disease;The peanut shell contains the function to lower blood pressure and adjust cholesterol.The ancient works thinks that the peanut repairs medium benefit spirit, brine cooks a food to keep lung.

The best match:Red date.Match red date, can repair a Pi benefit blood, Guas residestop bleeding.To Pi falsely the blood Be little and anemic to have certain curative effect, to female particularly is beneficial.