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the number one Who has served in many professional managers of financial institutions

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

(Reporter Zhang Yi), (microblogging), Social Entrepreneur Foundation (microblogging), the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (microblogging) (hereinafter referred to as red Foundation) among the top three. The red base will list, so the list sparked considerable controversy.

contributions to charitable organizations nationwide to receive a total of 6.26 billion yuan; Mei after the incident, the United States from June to August, the national charitable organizations received a total donation of 840 million yuan, down 86.6%.

Red Foundation’s list and among the top three, so this list was of the users questioned. Reporters noted that in last year’s list, with red base will make the list. In this regard,

It is understood that the list ranking is based mainly for basic information, fundraising information, information on project implementation, financial disclosure, disclosure issues daily six. Based on these criteria, the red base will score higher ranking.

Zhou Jian pointed out that workers in For example, the red base will launch the Although there are flaws in the query data, but this is a good start. At present, the red base in the form of information disclosure has been leading, br> Looking at the list of 25 charitable foundations, private foundations, outstanding, not only the top ten private foundations accounted for nearly half of Africa, the top five, non-public fund is accounted for first, the first second and fourth position.

Zhou Jian workers told reporters that the sudden emergence of non-raised funds, on the one hand as a relative newcomer to the establishment of these funds, private foundations can learn from the shortcomings of the original and avoid detours; the other hand, a group of non-public funds the founders of the concept of a more mature mode of operation more in line with international standards of public funds the operation of the concept. For example, the number one Who has served in many professional managers of financial institutions, listed companies to disclose the criteria Foundation financial situation, use the


transparency one, found two out of a larger list, and many can not find the name on the list last year, the Foundation this year became the top few.

As the evaluation system changes, the list changes as well.

and regulatory agencies websites.

Zhou Jian workers that people to participate in the supervision.


head. January 1994 to August 2001

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Wangjiping born in August 1948. After demobilization in 1974, in the Haidian District, a restaurant when the salesperson. After 1977, a former Communist Youth League secretary of the company, Haidian District, Food, Party Committee member, Deputy Minister of Finance and Trade, Haidian District, Haidian District, deputy head, head. January 1994 to August 2001, he served as the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau. In September 2001, transferred to Local Taxation Bureau. In November 2008, he served as member of the city CPPCC economic circles.

Wang Jiping, former director of the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau was charged with corruption and bribery 4.35 million yuan 10.47 million yuan; lawyer said the defendant did not see the .

recently, defense lawyers said Wang Jiping, Wang Jiping case will be in the hospital this morning in a trial. Counsel, will the prosecution alleged corruption, not guilty defense.



indictment involving 15 million yuan, in 2002 to 2009, Wang Jiping alone or together with their relatives, using as the Secretary of the Local Taxation Bureau of his office, the engineering contract for others to help, etc., has received many units and individuals for their money and goods worth 435 million yuan in total, which is suspected of accepting bribes.

same time, the prosecution alleged, Wang Jiping 2002 to October 2004, the use of his office, together with Beijing Yu Lin Tianyuan Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. (Yu Lin Tianyuan) legal representative, close to its long-term 42-year-old businessman associated with Zhao Yun, Municipal Local Taxation Bureau Information Center, a joint venture with the Yu-Lin Tian Yuan, Hanson set up Beijing Heng Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanson Heng), the actual control by Zhao Yun. Subsequently, Wang Jiping, who become the wave of the Yu-Lin Tianyuan Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. the sole authorized dealer of tax control device password, and then from Yulin Tianyuan increase the tax-password device, sold to Hanson Heng, which will plus the price of RMB 1047 million yuan of illegal possession. In this process, Wang Jiping suspected of corruption.


1047 万元 should not be considered as public funds

Recently, Wei Wang Jiping’s original defense counsel introduced, the prosecution alleged corruption section 10.47 million yuan, Wang Jiping, and I not seen. And that amount should not simply be identified as public funds, therefore, hearing the case against corruption allegations, the defense of not guilty.

as 10.47 million yuan, Zhao Yun, or whether all fall into the pockets of others, and for the prosecution of the bribery charges Wangjiping defense, the lawyer declined.

It is understood that the case had previously heard Wangjiping will be November 18 hearing, the court has to issue a notice, but was later canceled.


his team lost 2-3 to Barcelona .

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

For this morning ‘s Champions League , AC Milan midfielder Boateng that , unfortunately, his team lost 2-3 to Barcelona .

game the first half , Mark van Bommel first own goal , and once the equalizer Ibrahimovic , Messi will soon exceed the penalty kick score . Although Boateng scored in the second half the world’s waves , the two sides back to the same starting line , but Harvey ‘s goal in the 62nd minute to ensure the Catalan giants occupy the top spot in Group H .

Milan 2-3 Barcelona Player Ratings Champions League – Messi Ibrahimovic scored Milan 3-2 Barcelona Guardiola denied

odds with Ibrahimovic agent : Quagliarella rejects months after the end of the game left

, Ghana praised the Rossoneri ‘s performance , the defending champion that they did not get a better result , which is due to luck .

riding , Milan challenges the guest Pilsen victory , while Barcelona ‘s home game against贝特鲍里索夫.


the police quickly determined that a strange phone call from Chongqing

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Xinhua Newspaper Network Power well

Reporters from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps ten divisions Bali Ba cover Reclamation Public Security Bureau, the local police recently cracked a case of extortion and arrested three suspects, the case cracked at the same time pull together voir dire, in which plot and

extort 200,000 yuan hush money

points, were sleeping, a branch manager of tension to hear mine. Who jokes early in the morning? In the coal mine for many years, he knew that the items are very strict control.

looked strange phone number, the tension of the heart fluttered. To play safe, he let subordinates Xiaoyuan to view the location of the phone said.

through a simple search, Xiaoyuan really found a few detonators, there are even regular code.

At this time, a strange man came in and beat the phone: clear.

clear, if not money, he would report to the public security organs, the tension is very clear loss of production units, explosive kind of punishment will be.

20 万元 Although not a small figure, if the remaining detonators may be lost to the community, not 20 million to this risk measure, tension determined mind to come to report.


three groups received the alarm call, the Corps ten Public Security Bureau of Reclamation built the Interpol division Bali Ba brigade task force rushed to the scene, on-site survey.

site located in the State Road side of a simple bridge opening, through the screening of clues, the police quickly determined that a strange phone call from Chongqing, the detonator under the bridge opening is placed the day before.

these detonators from the mine into the library has a detailed register of every person to have access to the detonator suspects, but these detonators issued last year, piling up the register to find, difficult to imagine.

After five days and nights of the investigation, a man named as the sword of the surface, while police found the body into a sword and a man closely linked in Chongqing, the police also seized a house into a sword to be Pirates of the detonator. At this point, Chongqing also good news, in cooperation with local police, two suspects have arrested Zhao Gang and Sun Jian.

into a sword and Zhao Gang is the hometown of Chongqing, has been all mine workers in the country, their main purpose is not to go down to work to earn hard cash, but aimed at the chance to dry a

things are compounding money.


not his real name

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

14, Yulong County six mountain came to Guangzhou to participate in training teachers, when they are shopping in the Tianhe district, police mistakenly arrested as a criminal gang. Said to be led by teachers, was face to, the hip was playing. Site pulling in four teachers with multiple injuries. Present, and Yulong counties in Yunnan Province Department of Education official has been rushed to the local matter. Yunnan Provincial Department of Education revealed that 20 had sent a letter to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, we hope to investigate, draw conclusions, to give compensation.

teacher was mistakenly arrested in Guangzhou injured

>> rebellion rebellion

has an insider said, six in Yunnan teacher training in Guangzhou during the police mistakenly arrested. According to reports, November 14, Lijiang Yulong Naxi Autonomous County in rural primary six minority teachers arrived in Guangzhou, Ministry of Education to participate in the organization of the Central Museum of audio-visual training. Six teachers, three men and three women, aged between 26 to 35 years old, are the first to Guangzhou.

day, 17:10, Tianhe District in Guangzhou Shipai Road overpass, six plainclothes police officers mistakenly arrested by teachers, teachers involved in the scene pulling multiple injuries. Five teachers were brought to police, back to the Pai police station, a female teacher freed after calling 110. Police know, that arrested the wrong person. Until 3 am the next day, the police station the request of teachers on the parties not reach an agreement. Subsequently, these teachers return to training station.

when shopping by plainclothes arrest

>> parties

20 days, the parties are still female teachers in Guangzhou Huan Wang (not his real name) said in a telephone interview , 14 pm, six people who go shopping, female teachers visiting the Wang Huan said at the time the street looks a bit confusing, and later learned that there have been a few days before the loss fraud gang.

alarm, but then some people came for me, I quickly ran, ran a few meters but was not caught. back to the police station a few minutes later, the police to check the bag of 5 items. About 10 minutes later, the break to find that female teachers in Guangzhou City Board of Education responsible, through their coordination, >
was on the ground being kicked

Wang Huan said that in the process of pulling her hand injury. After a medical examination, soft tissue contusion. Wang Huan said,

led teachers to Zhang Kai (not his real name) said that there were three men and one woman in four teachers in the pull injured his hand is also injured during the arrest. think we have illegal signs, do not buy things wandering around there are illegal signs that do? . Training hard to come by, we had filled with joy, but I never thought would happen.

Zhang Kai said, the teachers hope the police investigate the incident and make a clarification issued by the text, and teacher compensation property damage caused by the arrest, but not settled. Guangzhou Public Security Bureau sent a letter to


>> Department of Education

parties, according to a teacher, at present they are and negotiate compensation for the police station, but not reach an agreement.

20 days, police station, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Shipai a female staff member said that the matter is under investigation, the relevant departments of Yunnan Province has been handled in coordination with the local police.

It is understood that after the incident, Yunnan Province Department of Education and Audio-Visual Education Center Deputy Director Yang Bibo Yulong county leaders rushed to the relevant departments of Guangzhou to help deal with the matter.

Yunnan Province Department of Education spokesman, said Wang Jianying, deputy director, Department of Education about the incident very seriously, according to the law will make every effort to protect the legitimate interests of six teachers. At present, the Provincial Department of Education has formally written to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, expressed the hope that in the survey give a clear objective as soon as possible after the conclusion and argument, and for the specific circumstances of the teacher to give appropriate compensation. According to the

Ltd. Long-day and other three units in the investment to build vaccine plant

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration of the original committee member, deputy director Zhang Jingli suspicion of accepting bribes, the crime of false accusation, the crime of illegal business in the Second City Court for trial. The prosecution alleged Zhang Jingli amount of 117 million yuan of bribes; the illegal sale of his books compiled operators amounted to more than 2,300 yuan, the illegal profits of more than 1600 million; instigate others to more than 1,300 letters sent letters bringing false charges against others.

patronize high-end clubs are video

56-year-old Zhang Jingli are from Anhui, graduate education, a former People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department of the Ministry of Health Assistant, People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department, Ministry of Health Deputy Secretary for Health and Family Planning, Secretary. Since October 2003, he served as the State Food and Drug Administration deputy director, committee member. December 24, Zhang Jingli criminal detention by Beijing Public Security Bureau.

Since then, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission announced Zhang Jingli ; life corruption. According to media reports, the Food and Drug Administration notified Zhang Jingli internal processing decision on the spot broadcast a video, is Zhang Jingli in

day in court, Zhang Jingli dressed in civilian clothes, was accused of three counts of that part of the approval, the defense counsel for the accused were Zhang Jingli do exculpatory defense.

help companies profit from the benefits of

ask for bribes, prosecutors charged a total of bribery Zhang Jingli 4, a total amount of 117 million yuan. Alleges that Zhang Jingli in 2005 to last April, a company in Guangzhou, Hong Kong during the project of building an international pharmaceutical company several times for help, and to the company in April last year to ask for 380,000 yuan, general manager of Lumou .

bribe from the other three books are achieved through the request. Alleges that from 2006 to last year, Zhang Jingli has for the Beijing Investment Co., Ltd. Long-day and other three units in the investment to build vaccine plant, contract prescription drug agency to provide assistance on such matters, to ask after the 1400 sets of three units called make dollars And Zhang Jingli is this covering longevity, treatment of various diseases, odd side of the


reporter found that the base will be the Song of Henan is one of the However

Friday, November 18th, 2011

reporter found that the base will be the Song of Henan is one of the However, the agency was more interested commercial operations, and resort to the name of public business in reality.

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