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duck’s egg where

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The nourishment difference of egg and duck’s egg where
The egg implies the protein, fat and yolk vegetable, the egg Lin fat, vitamin and iron, calcium and potassium to wait for someone the mineral quality that the body needs.What fresh egg contains is in the protein, main is egg egg white and yolk egg white.The amino acids of its protein constituteses to organize protein with human body the inest orders to approach, therefore the absorption leads very high, can reach to 99.7%.The fat that the fresh egg contains, the main concentration is in the egg yolk.枕頭

On top of that, the egg yolk imply the egg Lin fat, vitamin and mineral quality etc. and usually eat, can strengthen memory and prevent°from the memory decline of old people.The egg protein contains repair function to the liver organization harm.The egg implies almost all nourishment materials of human body demand, so is called by people to do “ideal nourishment database”.按摩瘦腰術

The content of the protein of duck’s egg is similar to the egg.In the duck’s egg various total amount of mineral material exceed egg a lot of, especially iron and calcium of urgent demand in the body are in the duck’s egg is also abundant, develop to the skeleton beneficial, and can prevent°fro anemic.The duck’s egg implies more vitamin B2, is one of the ideal foods that adds B clan vitamin.

Warm and fragrant hint:The duck’s egg has greatly repair falsely Lao,緊致雙腿reinforce body fluid and nurish the blood, the smooth lung beautiful skin of effect.

delicacies of DIY

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The delicacies of DIY
The lotus leaf a round flat cake clips Zi however mutton
Lotus leaf a round flat cake
Raw material:
The face powder is 300 grams of, the leaven is 4 grams of, milk is 150 grams.
Way of doing:General Secretary
1, the leaven is used Wen Nai’s dilution and calmed down to place for 3 minutes;
2, add face powder, stir into a Xu-like in shape noodles piece with the chopsticks;
3, crumple into a smooth pasta, with the clingfilm seal well, put Xing hair at the warm place;
4, need a pasta to deliver to 2 is been or so by the size, take out to crumple even row spirit;
5, cut up into 40 grams of or so noodleses, the Xian becomes thin pancake-like in shape;
6, brush the 1 F thin oil on a round flat cake, then to fold, Su form;Department convenes
7, made-up of a round flat cake Pei cover the cloth put in the warm place again Xing hair;
8, a round flat cake Pei deliver to a fluffy and supple form and go into a pot to steam with the wildfire and open after the pot and close fire for 8 minutes and falsely steam for 3 minutes then.
Zi however mutton
Raw material:Familiar mutton, onions head and parsley.( use mutton be last time a braise in the morning of a pot of mutton)
Way of doing:extensive space
1, the onions cut into slices, the mutton cuts into slices, and the parsley cuts to pieces a back up;
2, rise oil pan, oil hot after, explode to stir-fry onions;
3, spring onion joss-stick after floating descend go into muttony wildfire to turn over to stir-fry;
4, boil to go into to anticipate wine, light soy sauce, refined sugar and Zi however noodles and Zi however grain;

still defend disease

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Sea tangle how eat anti-cancer still defend disease
The sea tangle is a kind of nourishment to is worth of a very high vegetable, compared with the spinach, rape, in addition to vitamin C, it the content of thick egg white, sugar, calcium and iron all Gao Chu Ji’s times and several decuples.Lift to make from it of the iodine be extensively as sour as brown Zao, Be applied to medicine, food and chemical engineering.The Chinese medicine was kelp while going into a medicine and had “the hat of alkaline food” a call.more nourishments

Japan one professor passes for more than 10 years, research confirms, the sea tangle indeed has curative effect to the cancer and especially has obvious effect to the large intestine cancer.

The salt in the sea tangle is only 1| of salt in the sea water 3, but among them the content of calcium then is 32 times that of sea water.Now, the composition of the Jing rice in the people food, meat and sugar year by year increases, while the Jing rice, meat is the acidity food that lacks calcium quality.The speed that much eats refined sugar to then make the human body ejected calcium quality speeds and causes calcium quality inside the body’s lacking thus, the blood is tended to sour turn, the cancer consequently is easy to occurrence.Usually eat sea tangle, can not only increase absorbing of iodine, but also consumedly increase the absorption toward the calcium.Someone thinks that this is exactly one of the reason that the sea tangles has an anti-cancer function.Eat seaweed more

Sea tangle of 13 kinds of eat a method can regulate 13 kinds of diseases

1.Cure high blood pressure:

Sea tangle, the Cassiae Torae Semen is a 150 gram for each, the brown sugar is just the right amount of and cook with the Cassiae Torae Semen the sea tangle and take juice, everyday 1, divide a two over

2.Cure constipation:

The sea tangle is 100 grams of, cypress son the Ren is 30 grams of, water fries.Everyday two.

3.Cure mouth cavity ulcer:

The sea tangle is 30 grams and grind an end after burning and add an ice slice 5 grams mix all, with the scented ointment adjust Be spread to infected part.

4.Cure the testicle swollen pain:

Sea tangle, litchi pit and orange pit is a 15 gram for each, the little fennel is 6 grams of, and water fries.An everyday, the cent twice takes sooner or later.

5.Cure a chronic bronchitis

The sea tangle is 50 grams(had better use a sea tangle root) of, the ground is 10 dragons, the almond is 25 grams and fill with water to cook thick the soup is 300 milliliters and join brown sugar to again and again drink.

6.Cure nose Nyu(nose bleed):elegance and delicious

The sea tangle is 50 grams of, the madder grass is 10 grams, 376 grams of, water is fried, can consider to add rock sugar or refined sugar.Connect to take for 5~7 days 3~4 times everyday.

7.Cure liver Pi swollen big:

The sea tangle is 25 grams of, the litchi pit, little fennel, green the skin is a 15 gram for each, water fries.Everyday is a , 7~14 day for a treat a distance.

advantage also much more

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Eat “wild pepper” advantage also much more
The wild pepper is an in common use condiment, but you put previous wild pepper more while having to want to stir-fry vegetables, not only can Wen Yang get rid of cold, also can disinfect to defend a disease, strengthen immunity dint, there is the effect of half effort and double results?

The Chinese medicine thinks wild pepper and have spreading in is cold, in addition to wet, relieve pain, destroy insects of function, the moderation is edible in spring and contribute to livinging of human body sun spirit hair.In the meantime, various germ virus starts breeding and epidemically delivers season more in spring, while the volatile oil in the wild pepper can raise huge inside the body the immunity ability of the body for biting a gobbling up of cell activity, then canning strengthen machine, and diplococci, golden color staphylococcus and some skin fungis of the wild pepper dialogue larynx rod bacteria, pneumonia have already repressed a function.miss a true love

In addition, the spring rain water of south is more, the person of appetite infirmity is very easily subjected to wet evil harassment and cause indigestion, but the wild pepper has in in addition to wet function, particularly being the friend whom the appetite is falsely cold and has a poor appetite should even eat some wild pepper.And cold sex pain through and cold wet sex arthritis the sufferer also suit to eat some wild pepper more.But had better all want to add some wild pepper while cooking the vegetable or meat of cools, such as green lentil bud, Japanese white radish, wax gourd, lettuce, spinach, celery and rabbit meat…etc. or cold, regardless in the spring still other seasons.Feelings breaks

Stir-frying vegetables can use a wild pepper Qiang pot for time, can also use wild pepper noodles to replace and do when various meat, fish makes soup joining more than ten wild peppers is more quite good choices, because the wild pepper can effectively get rid of the strange smell of meat, like the gamey smell of Tan flavor, fish of mutton.

But wild pepper hot, easily ascending the friend of fire should is little to eat, pregnant woman much food will hurt foetus spirit, breast feed period of mother more should little eat, because the wild pepper contains the function to return to milk, edible behind easily cause to break a milk.personality that sees