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mainly through its own strength for development and production . My main carrier platform system

Friday, December 30th, 2011

This afternoon, Deputy Secretary for Defense Information , Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Yang Yujun at a regular press conference to clarify

There was a reporter’s question : this comment ?

Yang Yujun said the Chinese carrier to block cable reports were unfounded . China ‘s development and construction of military weaponry always independent , the principle of independent innovation , mainly through its own strength for development and production . My main carrier platform system , including equipment , including cable block are independently developed and modified .

News Review: Russian media said the carrier refused to block sale of Chinese do not buy cable because the Soviet Union 33

Carrier-based aircraft landing cable is used to block one of the core technology aircraft . China and Russia refused to sell this equipment , together with the Su-33 carrier-based fighter hope together with the sales. But the Chinese want to use their imitation , which is equipped with Russian engines F -15 fighter .



Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

December 23, Chongqing, Xinhua Xinhua

problem: the misappropriation of state assets as a is to do so

Recently, the concept of super-king 2629 million yuan of public funds due to corruption, embezzlement 400 million, was the Chongqing Municipal Higher People’s Court sentenced to death, suspended for two years. The

a decade ago, Chongqing, the prosecution found that, in view of super-king found a notebook in 2001, he wrote the words: of. live his own house, and in the opposite rental, observe their own special movement … These special moves are from the concept of super-king. Prosecutors handling the case said: Went to Beijing, the investigators found that ultra-early view of the king made full preparations: companies have sold, people have been laid off, the books were hidden, the evidence is missing. Concept of super-families of the king also sent abroad, in their own country as

complex case has become a

According to Wang concept of security over a house of memories, the company recently had to move away a car metal cabinet. Task force investigation of Beijing more than 100 moving company, and finally in a business clues found on the bill. Police officers Meixing Ji said: November 2009, the Chongqing Municipal First Intermediate People’s Court, Wang concept over the use of his position, alone or together with others, embezzlement totaling 2629.299974 million, the actual share of public funds 2483.299974 million, constitute the crime of corruption; while 4 million yuan embezzlement activities for personal profit, constitutes a misappropriation of public funds and sentenced to death suspended for two years; Recently, Chongqing Municipal Higher People’s Court upheld the conviction.

earned their own

loss of the country’s

Reporters learned that the king super addition to the public view of Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. corporate thirty-nine representatives, of the actual control of the seven companies, continue to Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. thirty-nine a lot of money and business into. Different division of these companies: Beijing Jiaheng Albert Company, Beijing Sunshine Rita Corporation, Tianjin thirty-nine is designed to undertake the Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. thirty-nine capital and business profitability; Beijing Hengyuan Investment Company is dedicated to the future acquisition of Beijing thirty-nine Auto Industries Limited shell; Beijing Fonda Belden is used to hide other public funds and holding companies; Spyker car shops make their own arrangements for the
2006 年 8 August, Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. thirty-nine restructuring, was valued at 8.28 million yuan sold to a company called A branch office in Chongqing Municipal Procuratorate Secretary Chen Weimin said the investigation of crime, in fact, this In recent years, almost did not engage in any business. As a result the concept of super-king successfully sold the state-owned enterprises themselves.

by restructuring the loopholes in the concept of super-king of misappropriation of public funds in one fell swoop to his Tianjin Dekay car sales company, then ask for the money remitted to their control of the Beijing Fonda Belden, Tianjin thirty-nine the funds between accounts in the accounting are recorded as a refund. Later, Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. thirty-nine listing, Tianjin thirty-nine not included in the audit, this concept over misappropriation of money by the king; 2003-2006, king of concept cars over the 7.036 million yuan sales revenue into the company coffers, in the Beijing Automotive Industry Co., thirty-nine company accounts cost way to check out their red level. During the concept of super-king removed the 4.816 million yuan, left 2.22 million. Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. thirty-nine listing to sell, the money was concealed assets not included in the audit, to be king over view of misappropriation … …

prosecutor handling the case said the concept of misappropriation of public funds by the king to buy some super-luxury, car, stocks, funds, in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen Real Estate 11, a number of luxury cars. Also added a lot of assets, such as the one in Shenzhen, his property, the purchase of $ 5 million to the time of the incident has appreciated nearly 30 million yuan.

how to take control of a loophole,

Reporters learned that the investigation, one hand over internal corruption are difficult to monitor; the other hand, third-party audit assessment should not play a role, so that business managers advantage of the loophole.

within the enterprise, the king is not the view of the behavior of ultra-no one knows, even the evidence has been mastered, but the Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. thirty-nine management has more than corruption, and the persons themselves are used vulnerability embezzlement, such as deputy general manager Zhang Yipeng, Chief Financial Officer Wang Zhang and others, they formed a mutual restraint, mutual hostage relationship, who do not pierce the real problem.

task force concept of the king who has extra fine to recover the deleted computer records and found that the concept of the king over misappropriation of state assets to report the letter, which is actually Zhang Yipeng, Zhang, Wang fled to sweeping 12 million yuan of public funds, in order to the concept of super-king did not dare denounce the letter will be reported to threaten the king with a view over to their The last chapter, was sentenced to life imprisonment, Wang, Zhang Yipeng case has trial.

failure of supervision between managers, employees will not be able enterprises lower bound concept of super-king. He has removed out is not car, no one can actually clear.

In addition, the concept of super-king also use their so-called Chongqing prosecution investigators said, these After the task force arrived in Beijing, Wang concept over the whereabouts of the mastery of them very clearly, the task force responsible Song Yunfeng being followed, also received threatening phone calls. Xu Weibin investigators, who recalled that, when hearing a case over threat to their own view of the king, said: now buy a head as long as one million.

Some experts believe that part of the third-party audit assessments, there are strict, so the king concept of ultrasonic managers advantage of the loophole. Reporters learned that an individual agency audit assessment was completed only a few days in Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. thirty-nine annual audit. In general, the structure of complex, large amount of corporate financial accounting, auditing requires a certain period of time, the audit assessment should be able to come up with tight detailed audit papers. issued by the conclusions.

In this regard, the first branch of Chongqing Municipal Procuratorate made a special prosecutor suggested that one should strengthen the management of state-owned enterprises and assets management, increase efforts to deal with similar cases, the other should be strengthen the management of intermediaries and constraints, the establishment of illegal workers, agency exit mechanism, play a role in education and alerts.

28 farewell ceremony was held in Pyongyang

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) integrated media reports , North Korea publicly placed 20 Fairview Hill Memorial in the capital, Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il ‘s palace remains .

China Central Television quoted the Korean Central Television broadcast the footage showed Kim ‘s body placed in a crystal coffin , the wearing of people dressed in the usual equipment , crystal coffin around Kim Jong Il is also decorated with red flowers and white chrysanthemums .

North Korean television broadcast the same day his father Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-un mourners attended the ceremony and pay tribute to their body images .

The day of the Korean Workers Party Central Committee Military Commission Vice Chairman Kim Jong-un , and the Korean party, the state department of cadres with military parade to pay tribute to Kim Jong Il remains in its spirit to express condolences before . Central News Agency said:

Korean Central Television reported that the Korean people will unite in the Korean Workers Party Central Committee Military Commission Vice Chairman Kim Jong-un ‘s leadership to continue building socialism with Korean characteristics , remain committed to national unity , to promote the autonomy of the world , made ​​up Kim did not complete the determination to achieve the desire .

19 North Korea announced the death of Kim Jong Il , has established the National Funeral Committee , from December 20 to 27 acceptable condolence , 28 farewell ceremony was held in Pyongyang , 29, held a central memorial meeting .


IT industry

Monday, December 19th, 2011

REVIEW: The media coverage is not included in the current financial subsidy benefits, specifically how the program, being unknown. Government grants included in the current income consistent with international practice, why in some places but disfigured? ST is not included in current earnings prove safety stock,

Gaosuibuyou Thailand 中广网 Beijing on December 19, according to Voice of the economy associated with the assets and revenue-related government grants and government subsidies, and should be included in current income. However, the media reported today, an East investment bank brokerage sources, Another investment bank brokerage insurance on behalf of East China, said: Voice of economic commentators, macroeconomic analyst at Galaxy Futures brought Mr. Zhao Wei comment.

Mr. Zhao Wei: I think this news is a rumor, because the express criteria changes, especially changes to government subsidies related documents, once the changes, the profit or loss will be very large changes, resulting in a change in the three tables, which listed companies to say, will indirectly affect earnings, thus affecting the entire market for the listed company’s expectations.

Moderator: According to incomplete statistics, as of mid-year, small plates, GEM, new listings this year, a total of 953 board listed companies, 855 companies received a total of 4.761 billion yuan government subsidy. Year 2010, this figure is 9.743 billion yuan, involving 926 companies. In fact, government subsidies included in current earnings in line with international practice. Only in China, listed companies and local governments to use tacit guidelines, whitewash the income statement. Many verge of delisting of the company to achieve profitability through government subsidies, in order to avoid delisting. According to what you know, the reality is like?

Mr. Zhao Wei: there are some listed companies, the existence of such practices, we also know, IT industry, profits are not particularly high, but government subsidies, so the current yield will be better, but I think the essence, although the high-tech companies and IT businesses really need government support, but how to make high-tech business growth, need long-term planning, needs dialectic.

Moderator: Another comment that this argument is directed against the ST companies, if this news is true, then the ST’s insurance will also increase the difficulty of many of the shell, you think so?

Mr. Zhao Wei: Yes it is, because some companies use their financial vulnerability, to drill ST’s advantage. If the government issued regulations, to some extent will the dust ST performance of some listed companies to make the practice of containment.


Liu Weimin said.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

China news agency, Beijing, December 13 – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, 13, a regular press conference that China’s Han Guohai Police conflict with the casualties of Chinese fishermen expressed regret .

Liu Weimin said.

Liu Weimin said , China is ready to actively cooperate with the ROK , as soon as possible and properly handle relevant issues .

Yesterday there were reports that two Han Guohai Police enforcement in the Yellow Sea clashed with the Chinese fishermen , a maritime police were injured , police killed another sea . In a press conference yesterday afternoon , said Liu Weimin , China has taken note of the report , is further verification of the relevant circumstances . Hoped that the ROK can fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese fishermen , and to give proper humanitarian treatment .


China unveiled an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft

Monday, December 12th, 2011

According to the U.S. ,

The article said that in August this year , China unveiled an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft , it do only the size of the pan with a big pizza . The UAV to carry the camera itself and its technological level is not outstanding, but the real shock is that people feel that it shows that China joined the UAV R & D competition.

The article said that in the coming months , countries in this area could make more and more advanced UAVs come out . A good proof is that China’s According to

Projections by the time these projects , China will need to create these UAVs years.


including more than 25 people were injured

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Earlier on Thursday Israeli military sent warplanes have attacked the target vehicle in Gaza , killing two claims are plotted violent attacks Palestinian militants . Hamas spokesman condemned the Israeli air strikes , saying it is completely crime. Southern Israel on Thursday to Palestinian rocket fire revenge , but no casualties.

Palestinians and Israelis escalated the conflict in recent days , Israel has been continuous since Thursday launched two air strikes on the Gaza Strip , killing at least three people were killed .

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