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in the 1980s was a symbol of the Brazilian art of football . In his career

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Xinhua News Agency December 4, Rio de Janeiro, sports news ( reporter Wang Fan) Brazilian football legend Socrates at 4 am in Sao Paulo, Brazil , died at 57 years old.

Socrates one evening with his wife and a friend are feeling unwell after eating , after with the hospital. As Socrates himself since August this year, has twice been hospitalized for esophageal bleeding , the body of this will be very weak , so his reaction is particularly strong .

in use of strong antibiotics , Socrates ‘s condition improved slightly in the 3rd day , but he always was with the ventilator to sustain life. Socrates made ​​a hospital for dialysis , but eventually his kidneys stopped working . 4 am, the legendary star stopped breathing and heartbeat, passed away .

Socrates lifetime alcohol abuse , which led to his esophagus is the direct cause of bleeding . He recently said in a television interview that he was just His body will be buried in the evening local time he began his career in a small town里贝劳布雷more .

Socrates in the international football known as Socratic style of elegance , in the 1980s was a symbol of the Brazilian art of football . In his career, in addition to short-term effect of Fiorentina in Italy , he is basically playing in Brazil . The outside world to know him mainly through his performances at the World Cup . His 1982 and 1986 there have been two memorable World Cup performances , and Zico , Falcao formed with gorgeous Brazilian midfielder then In Brazil, Socrates is a club Corinthians iconic figure . He in 1978 and 1984 the effectiveness of the team , in 297 games into over 172 goals .


they are worried about Saudi Arabia

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

As the Syrian government in the Arab League is not signed within the deadlines agreed to send mission to its agreement, 27 Arab League foreign ministers held an emergency meeting in Cairo, decided to immediately impose economic sanctions on Syria. After the news, reporters in Damascus, Syria, Latakia and so obviously feel the tension in the escalation, even to the emergence of downtown Damascus armed helicopters. This tension came in the slightest smell of gunpowder. Currently in Syria to adhere to the final 800 Chinese citizens have a lot of people ready to evacuate.

Although Syria had reluctantly agreed to stop the repression of the Arab League sent to observe the monitor, but the conditions are harsh: the 500 observers to 40 people; observers can visit hospitals and prisons; not Meets Opposition families of prisoners; go anywhere and so there must be accompanied by security personnel.

Although the Arab League sanctions repeatedly delayed, but the Damascus government finally refused to accept the conditions of the Arab League, that its conditions are too harsh, this is a violation of Syrian sovereignty. Arab League finally came to the big stick of economic sanctions.

sanctions against Syria, the Arab League protests the decision

Syrian security analyst, said Fayyad, political pressure from the Assad government, the diplomatic level the Arab League to cancel its membership, to Today’s economic sanctions came out, the Arab League and the Western countries can be described as a regime of Bashar pressing harder and harder, which deal with the Arab League earlier this year, Libya’s Qaddafi regime similar to the model.

widely fear that the Arab League will copy the original step by step Arab League Ministerial Council does also have made clear that, once the economic sanctions against Syria is still not reach the desired effect, will the UN Security Council for support.

sanctions resolution from the 27 released after night, some people in the capital Damascus, Syria, and more demonstrations to protest against the Arab League’s decision to impose sanctions on the classification. 28 day, multiple square Damascus appeared parade, urban traffic almost to a standstill. Demonstrators accused the Arab League has become a political tool of the West.

worried that foreign troops have stepped up vigilance sensitive sectors in the local

correspondent noted that the date of Syria from 26 national television two nights in a row, a rare broadcast video footage of Syrian military exercises and the revolutionary songs, and with English lyrics, lyrics repeatedly emphasized the powerful Syrian army is invincible. It is understood that the Syrian state television almost never been played in English programs.

At the same time, the reporter noted in the streets of Damascus, the Syrian Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior and the Republican Guard barracks and other sensitive locations, the alert level has improved, sentinel increased significantly. 28 am

Reporters also saw a downtown Damascus, low-flying helicopters. In some traffic arteries, heavily armed security forces from time to time check passing vehicles. In addition, there is news that from 26 onwards, the main road out of Damascus city in the controls after 9 pm.

in the Mediterranean city of Latakia, the reporter saw everywhere in the streets to build temporary sandbag bunkers and heavily armed patrol of armed soldiers. Latakia is Syria, the late former President Hafez al-Assad was born, and is currently available Alawi sect of the Syrian regime’s most concentrated population of the city.

Latakia intelligence officials explained to reporters, after the introduction of the Arab League’s resolution, they are worried about Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria and other Arab countries to send troops, defense must make early preparations.

sanctions under more severe power shortage in oil

newspaper in a detailed report on November 23 Syrian current diesel, natural gas and other fuel shortages. Although the Syrian government commitment, the opposition attacks caused by the transport impact has been basically solved, the government is also working to break the West’s oil export sanctions on Syria, but reporters in recent days found that with the introduction of the Arab League resolutions on sanctions, fuel shortages have been more serious, lined up outside Damascus refueling station queues longer.

currently several major urban areas of Damascus near the gas station, traffic jams are a serious place. Reporters station downstairs, every day for a long time whistle sounded, impatient drivers can only express their dissatisfaction in this way. Domestic natural gas cans gas station next to the point, line up the crowd of several hundred meters long, more serious than this a few days ago.