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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Global Network reporter Wang Huan reported recently that some Japanese media personnel from the aircraft on the East China Sea oil and gas fields of the aerial photography, said that the top of a flame spray production facilities, and is accompanied by black smoke. Japanese media on this speculated that China or the East China Sea

Japan’s NHK television station on January 31 reported that the station staff on January 26 from the plane of the East China Sea According to the captured image is displayed, the East China Sea gas field development facilities in the top of the flame spray, along with a touch of smoke. Experts in this regard that After a careful identification of the image can be confirmed that evidence that in some areas of the operating personnel on the scene.

Reported that, for including the However, to the first 2 years in January 2009, In this regard, the Japanese government has

NHK television station also quoted a job for many years engaged in oil and gas development point of view of technical personnel, the report said single exhaust flame from the mining facilities can not determine whether the issue has entered the production stage.

Japanese media had also repeatedly called China’s Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman made it clear that the Japanese media reports related to the Sino-Japanese East China Sea issue is the distortion of the principle of consensus. China and Japan to be mentioned in the principle of consensus to consultations on the joint development of