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Secret mysterious British royal family recipes

Monday, January 19th, 2009

To outsiders, the change experienced ups and downs over the centuries the British royal family was always very mysterious. This is not only including the Duke of Windsor’s legendary marriage, unexplained sudden death of Princess Diana, and even the royal family’s personal life was the subject of concern.

Last year in September, the British Prince Charles announced that he write a book about the British royal family members of the dietary preferences, a few months later, the book has finally come out, people can learn more from reading between the lines on the European royal family life.

In this “original recipe Prince”, a book, Charles calendar years ago, Queen Victoria loved the food, including: slow fire of mutton barbecue, lemon marmalade, as well as Christmas dinner with the remnants of sandwiches made of these British royal family is still on the table of common objects. In fact, these foods and practices in the United Kingdom can only be considered dishes, which can be seen in the restaurants on the British royal family is still quite simple. But times have changed things easy, today’s British Queen Elizabeth II, that is, Charles’s mother, her diet is necessary to pay attention to much.

Her love of natural foods

Elizabeth II to pursue a natural, healthy food. This does not sound too much so, in fact, today is a more “luxury” of acts of. Britain’s main import-oriented crops, of which ordinary people eat meals also are genetically modified cultivation. But adhering to the Queen on the cultivation of natural eating bread made from grain, especially her favorite walnut bread.

In addition, the Queen as the royal family love the traditional butter pudding, ice cream, as well as specialized Wales produced tender roast lamb. But weight is always maintained at 105 pounds, she will not let them eat their own. In addition to fresh fruit, the Queen insisted drinking mineral water produced in the vicinity of Windsor, which is considered the eight-year old British queen has the key to radiant look.

“Prince” expensive biscuits

In fact, not only by eating the Queen to keep in good health, the other members of the British royal family are also the same. “Duke of original recipes,” the author of Prince Charles has always advocated green. He also criticized the earlier McDonald’s fast food specially the younger generation of British health of the negative impact. On his own, the variety of organic fruits and vegetables is the main, and salmon, duck and so is his favorite type of meat.

In addition, very fond of food Prince Charles is, “Duke flavor” (DuchyOriginals), founder of the brand, there’s food, personal care products, household appliances, three series of hundreds of horticultural products, biscuits, cookies, chocolate , fruit sent to work fine, every piece of the above are printed with “Duke flavor” a British-style LOGO. However, marked “Prince” brand of food prices not cheap, a box of biscuits most common prices have more than 60 yuan.

Dietotherapy popular Chinese medicine

Accompanied by a new generation of growth, the British royal family also encountered some problems: male members seem to have to thank the top of the traditional. Charles’s eldest son, the young Prince William also appeared in earlier hair loss, which allow the royal family worried. In drug treatment, while Prince William was asked to consumption of sesame, walnut, such as germinal food, but in the end of the therapeutic effect is not ideal, doctors eventually recommended to the royal family, the best approach may be hair. World Food Network It is said that Prince William sesame walnut consumption approach from his father Charles, he has been on, including Chinese medicine, including diet and good health are very interested.

Although the market has on the British royal family eating all kinds of rumors, but in the “original recipe Duke” appearance, people can see, the mysterious life of the European royal family, in fact, and ordinary people is not much difference between.

Why France like to eat snails?

Monday, January 12th, 2009

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Synonym: negative shell Limax, Tin Lo, buffalo infants, round Lo insects, days, snails, snails for snail species and their relatives all Tongke. Some places, also known as buffalo nose poured abuse and insects, is an amphibious hermaphroditism of mollusks in the world the type of up to 2.2 million, but in the

international market mainly consists of several edible snails, such as France snails, garden agate, such as snails and snail. Baiyu snails at home, the main production in Taiwan, Hubei, as well as along the southeast coast, are farmed. Snails and shark’s fin, scallops, abalone side by side become the world’s four major specialty is high-protein, low fat, low cholesterol food quality.

Nutritional Analysis

1. Protein content higher than the cattle, sheep, pork, fat is much lower than them, and contains various minerals and vitamins, is a weak, frail chronic malnutrition, as well as the therapeutic choice.

2. Contained enzymes in addition to the plot of stagnation, glutamic acid and aspartic acid can enhance the vitality of the human brain cells. Scientists believe that eating snails can produce skin and hair beauty role of nutrition.

Appropriate for the crowd

1. Ages, gastrointestinal weak digestion,the most suitable person.

2. Urine barrier painful hemorrhoids, chronic pharyngodynia and nose patients with more than do not consider it appropriate.

Food Allelopathy

Snails and crabs can not be the same food, or can lead to urticaria.

Eating tips

30-50 grams each.

Go to Paris to enjoy a romantic tour of Rome Food

Monday, December 29th, 2008
Go to Paris to enjoy a romantic tour of Rome Food Tours

Is the soul of the Seine in Paris, carries its history, its culture, its arts, its affluence, its arrogance, its romantic with its natural and unrestrained.

France along this gentle and poetic River, cruise slowly forward, the two sides of China and the United States construction Ambilight. Built one after another beautiful bridge from time to time, passing from the top of the head, each dong are beautifully carved with figures statue, silently watching the colors flow exchanges; the magnificent Notre Dame de Paris stands quietly, and to participate in and watch each of the Paris minutes; Louvre Inner Mongolia smile watching the envy of many persons; of course, “totally rocks” station-style Olympic Museum, the Roman Baroque grandeur of the French Institute of Architecture, up to 320 meters of the Eiffel Tower , buried Napoleon’s Invalides … … costumes of the lovers in this flow of restaurant dinner, candlelight water film, the lovers Seine hydrated oath slowly flowing, never stops.

In this ancient and glorious history of Europe, the Tiber River was flowing a broad and deep ancient Rome paradise, “the most primitive Latin God, have brought up a pure girl, girl falls in love with god of war Mars and pregnant , violated a sacred law of Rome. pain she will give birth to a pair of twin brother and into the basket, so that they drift along the Tiber River. However, the two brothers did not drowned, Tiber River flood tide, the basket children safe. a she-wolf found and nurtured them, the brothers grew up later by a shepherd dependent adult after the two brothers in the Tiber River to build a Metro, Rome result. “As the birth of the legend of Rome said, Tiber River is the mother of ancient Rome, clear sweet milk produced a brilliant civilization of ancient Rome, in this natural the rivers to moisten the eternal a vibrant city of Rome.

Acclaimed French

Roman cuisine elegance

Paris, France, the traditional cuisine, to color, smell, shape trilingual been widely praised. French snail-known in the world, there are dozens of cooking, it is said France should be eaten each year more than 300 million only a snail. And a wide variety of cheese is essential Parisians living things. It is said that it is more than 200 years ago, invented by a priest, now we have more than 360 varieties.

Walking in the streets of Paris, visitors can often see some people, arms with a few centimeters in length, thickness arm bread stick, which is a major feature of the local. Bread, accompanied with people day and night. It looks golden, internal soft texture, crisp modest entrance so difficult to let go a long Parisians.

Gras is Parisians another favorite food, eat it there are many, can also make foie gras is excellent Jiapin table. In French Village, has called the world’s three major cuisine is French fried foie gras, and pan-fried foie gras with sweet when boiled the sauce, or to join together dry figs and eat them do not really have a different


Italian food, like its culture, noble and elegant, unique flavor, giving the lip of the romantic Liuxiang teeth. A wide variety of pasta, regardless of how changes in appearance, taste is always so; colorful Pisa, Italy, soft and hard moderate range, cheese flavor is always so strong; there, such as Italian seafood salad, Italian cheese Italian vegetable soup, pasta, lamb chops and silver salt cod, Italian mascarpone cheese Bune coffee cake and cake dessert tirat soil from time to time, such as emitting a delicious tempting.

India’s wonderful curry cuisine

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Indian cuisine can be divided into two main north-south cuisine, North Indian cuisine to the tastes mainly of mild, and the South Indian cuisine, with many spices and curry leaf-mustard, etc. In short, India and curry dishes are inseparable from the appetizer To the dim sum dishes, or have concentrated blend of curry or light incense, from north to south is HOT mild, with the curry spicy geographical changes in the level of gradually escalating.

India’s vegetable curry powder usually, curry, India, then called Masala; to recognize Masala, first recognized — India pepper, then called Mirch, called the Red Lal, called the Green Hari, only red Used to cook curry, but more than boiled red, and yellow green, orange brown there, a combination of small hot. The curry in India is divided into two types of light and heavy flavor, yellow curry, curry and red curry Ma Shala is a heavy flavor, green curry, curry is a white light. In general, white and mutton curry, green curry with tofu, Ma Shala and seafood curry, yellow curry and sheep bones, red curry with chicken is a better match. India to try dishes, also requested the “red green election” by the least spicy to eat the most hot, ladder-like experience the same level of depth.

Lamb Vindaloo
At first glance pot on the side of the LambVindaloo, appear to have a bit of Hong Shaorou feeling that only a few unremarkable on the surface of the chili powder and thick, there is no way to remind me what it is a kind of India — Shuiliao dish with only a piece of mutton curry stew into the mouth, and immediately was forced to get hot tears. This is an original by the onion, parsley, tomatoes, curry coconut milk refining from the sheep, belonging to the special hot dishes. Vindaloo curry belonging to the red, dry red peppers, red peppers and Indian spices powder produced from the LambVindaloo, quite spicy, add more taste of Indian spices, just to eat up even a little too exciting feeling, but slowly , Spicy taste buds began to be accepted, and the aroma is also open to diffuse the beginning, people feel strong emphasis on color ink, that there are so gentle aroma of ecstasy.

Fish Madra
FishMadras In fact, the name comes from a place names in southern India, without too much fuss, a pot of curry yellow pick-me-up people, Huang pressing under the chopsticks. Not have to worry about the accumulation of fish above the seasoning, India put the food seasoning as much as I am afraid that the world is, not every dish under 10, the taste of different colors. “Micro” and “China” and “heavy” three types, according to the general requirements and distribution, mixed, you have to eat up colorful sense of taste and color, very strange.

Masala Tea
Indian cuisine with emphasis on spices, not only each specific food spices, and even coffee and tea are also specific spices, often called MasalaCoffee or MasalaTea. MasalaTea curry is the literal translation of tea, is to join the masala tea and ginger Rougui Fen or cook together, drink a little, although Danjue strange taste,

aroma, but echoed in the mouth, and then listen to reverberate in a restaurant in India’s tunes, Very spicy and exotic cultural experience and all of a sudden this MasalaTea Cup, the huang you, I was comfortably absorbed.